Sykes takes to Logo with some Election Day advice, gay candidates and issues to watch, Obama’s “risky” gay marriage evolution six months later, token reality show gays change hearts and minds, video puts faces on marriage equality, and more LGBT headlines.

14 Election Day races to watch for LGBT voters. Bone up on gay candidates and issues around the nation and their chances for victory before you head out to keep an eye on Georgia’s gayest races at Atlanta’s LGBT watch parties. Bonus: Openly bisexual U.S. House candidate likely to win and make history.

Wanda Sykes rallies the gay vote. In her second NewNowNext LGBT election special for Logo, the comedian (second photo) again talked issues and attitudes the night before Election Day. This time, with a special message for women voters: “Don’t bitch and whine later when a villain in a black mustache is tying you down to an ultrasound table.”

Remember when Obama endorsed gay marriage and pundits worried? A look back to just six months ago, when the president’s marriage equality evolution led to folks saying hopes for a second term were in ruins. They could turn out right about South Carolina, but Election Day finds the president’s campaign in the lead and his base fired up and ready to go.

Famous last words: Brown Flowers. The worst team name on “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” wasn’t a death knell, but it couldn’t have helped Tammie Brown and Nina Flowers (third photo). Here’s what the two alterna-queens had to say on their Week 2 exit from the show on the celebrity impersonation challenge. So long, Nina. We’ll always have Atlanta.

LGBT fun facts and election trivia. Do you know how much gay advocates out-raised opponents across the four state gay marriage ballot measures? How about the number of openly gay candidates this year or the impact of the Lesbian Super PAC for Tammy Baldwin? Impress your friends with this cheat sheet while you wait out the returns.

Spain’s marriage equality law could be overturned. The country’s highest court is expected to rule on a constitutional challenge to the seven-year-old gay marriage law this week. Right next door, gay marriage efforts losing traction in France. UPDATE: Spain’s top court upholds gay marriage law as constitutional.

Reality TV may be path to gay acceptance. As another report this week says “Modern Family” and “Glee” have forged a new tolerance, here’s an argument that the token gay cast members on everything from “The Real World” to “Survivor” hits Middle America closer to home.

“I am your reason to support marriage equality.” No matter what happens on Election Day to advance or hinder gay marriage, here’s a video (bottom photo) to show friends and family as discussions continue over holiday dinners.

Rainbow photo via AmericaBlogGay; Sykes and Brown Flowers photos from Logo; marriage equality image via YouTube