Logo taps Sykes for two LGBT election specials, fiery projectiles launched at Utah club, Log Cabin’s Romney-Ryan sticky wicket, gay Super PAC backs Republicans, Cheyenne Jackson’s marriage secrets, anti-gay stalker fined millions, and more LGBT headlines.

Former Michigan assistant AG ordered to pay $4.5 million to gay student. Andrew Shirvell (top photo, right) cyber-stalked, harassed and defamed gay University of Michigan student president Chris Armstrong (left). Shirvell lost his job and was publicly humiliated over it, and now a jury awards Armstrong major damages in a civil suit.

Utah gay club bombarded by “flaming projectiles.” People were still inside Salt Lake City’s Club Jam in the wee hours of Thursday morning when fiery debris rained down on the club launched from the street, starting a blaze. No one was hurt, patrons gave chase, and police seek three to four teens seen by witnesses.

Wanda Sykes to host two gay election specials on Logo. “NewNowNext Vote” announced the lesbian comic (second photo) as the host of the one-hour panels taped in front of a live studio audience. The first airs Sept. 10, and the second on the night before the election, Nov. 5.

Pro-gay Super PAC throws money behind Republicans. American Unity PAC hopes to affect change in the GOP to favor gay marriage by donating to campaigns of moderate Republican Congress members. The first three beneficiaries have voted pro-gay on other issues, but their marriage stances aren’t known.

Will gay Republicans back Romney-Ryan? The LGBT site “Mitt Gets Worse” is petitioning the gay Log Cabin Republicans to withhold an endorsement in the presidential race, like they did from Bush in 2004. A Log Cabin leader says the vote will factor in the fiscal record of the candidates (third photo), but won’t factor in the “Mitt Gets Worse” petition.

Family Research Council blames Southern Poverty Law Center for shooting. FRC President Tony Perkins says SLPC’s annual “hate group” list gave Floyd Lee Corkins “a license to shoot an unarmed man.” Corkins stands charged with shooting a security guard at FRC headquarters on Wednesday. SPLC calls Perkins’ statement “outrageous.”

Cheyenne Jackson’s secrets to a successful gay marriage. In a new interview, the actor and singer (bottom photo, right) who was wed to longtime partner Monte Lapka (left) last September, reveals his secrets for maintaining a strong relationship.

Trans teen murdered in Chicago. Tiffany Gooden, 19, was found stabbed to death in an abandoned building three blocks from where another transgender woman, Gooden’s friend, was found dead in April.

Armstrong-Shirvell photos from Detroit Free Press; Sykes photo via IndieWire; Romney-Paul photo by AP; Lapka-Jackson photo via Advocate