Martha Raddatz’s missed opportunity to ask Biden and Ryan about marriage, choosing sides in four state marriage referendums, all-out war on National Organization for Marriage declared, Asheville gay bashing, and more LGBT headlines.

Couple suffers brutal Asheville gay bashing. Mark Little (top photo) and Dustin Martin say they were simply walking down a street in Asheville, N.C. when they were harassed then attacked. “I feel like that when the cop first came on the scene he just felt like it was just an ordinary crime,” Little says, “but what had happened was we were hit just because we were gay.”

New York City mayor ponies up big for Maryland marriage. Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated a whopping $250,000 of personal funds to the campaign to pass marriage equality for gay couples on Maryland’s November ballot.

VP Debate: Should Martha Raddatz have asked the gay question? Why including gay marriage in Thursday’s vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan (middle photo) was crucial, including the argument that the issue points more directly to campaign differences than others.

HRC adds another $1 million toward marriage ballots. The national LGBT rights organization announced on Friday that it will donate another $1 million to the $3.4 million already allocated to marriage ballot initiatives in Maryland, Maine, Washington and Minnesota. Meanwhile, HRC says it may start deducting corporate equality scores for Boy Scouts donations.

College suspends diversity officer for signing an anti-gay marriage petition. As the battle for votes on Maryland’s gay marriage referendum heats up, Gallaudet University put its head diversity staffer on leave after she signed a petition against the ballot measure. Cue cheers and cries of foul.

Line drawn: It’s time to take NOM down. Gay Republican former presidential candidate Fred Karger (bottom photo) explains in detail his reasoning for everyone to join an all-out assault on the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage.

Gay rights driving more people from religion? A new study shows that an all-time high 20 percent of Americans don’t proscribe to any particular religion. Here’s the argument from Truth Wins Out’s Wayne Besen on how anti-gay rhetoric has contributed to the exodus.

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Ellen gives shunned gay Boy Scout scholarship. When Ryan Andresen went on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” aired Thursday, he thought it was to talk about being kicked out just before receiving his Eagle Scout creds when he came out. He also got a check. Watch:

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Little photo from WBTV; debate photo via ABC; Karger photo from CBS