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This queen’s ‘new hanky code’ calls your ass out

Justin Sayre may be the year's smartest gay culture commentator. With his own niche of shows and followers, he’s definitely the funniest. Let this video prove it. You’ll be glad you did.    READ MORE »

Big Willie’s 8 gayest moments on ‘MasterChef’

Big flavored Houston cook Willie Mike served big camp on "MasterChef" this week, but also baked the tastiest red velvet cake to save himself from elimination. Along the way, he also delivered the show's gayest moments.    READ MORE »

Survey says! Short guys get laid more

You won't be surprised to hear that gym bunnies and jocks score more tail than couch potatoes, or that younger guys outsex older ones. But shorter guys win too? Sorry, tall dark and handsome.    READ MORE »

Two wedding gays will judge your gown in a sack

The gay designer behind Kandi Burruss' feather fabulous wedding gown didn't make her look like a drag queen on Sunday. But two fashion queens took exception to carrying it around in a sack like Santa.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta man robbed at gunpoint in Midtown

A gay Atlanta man was robbed at gunpoint outside a Midtown restaurant in a bizarre incident that included him being forced to buy his assailant a pack of Newport cigarettes.    READ MORE »

Art-drag collision finds Atlanta queens ‘In Heat’

That sweltering feeling isn’t just the July temps beating down on you. It’s also a simmering that only comes when the gay Atlanta artist collective known as Legendary Children turns up the heat.    READ MORE »

‘Drag Race’ winner Bianca delights Atlanta fans

Bianca Del Rio, fresh from her win on "RuPaul's Drag Race," blasted into Atlanta on Tuesday and delighted a crowd of hundreds with her bawdy humor, draglicious reads and roast toast of a former rival.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta gets what it means ‘To Be Takei’

He became a household name as part of “Star Trek,” but George Takei has become even more popular as a gay activist and an internet darling. A documentary on his life screens Wednesday in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta does New York for upcoming film

A porn star, a party promoter and a drag queen need your help. It may sound like a joke, but the Atlanta trio is real and taking on new roles when curtains part on the film “Proxy.”    READ MORE »

Gay designer turning Kandi into drag queen bride

Kandi Burruss is getting married, so of course the "Housewives" star turns to the gays. But the designer crafting her gown is talking enough lace, feathers and silk mesh to turn Burruss into a drag queen.    READ MORE »

Suspect in trans beating claims gay panic defense

One of the two men charged with attacking two transgender women on a MARTA train says he was fending off an aggressive sexual advance from the women before starting a brawl captured on video.    READ MORE »

Meet the gay man unlocking the BeltLine for you

The Braves has its gay apologist explaining away their defection to Cobb, but the Atlanta BeltLine has its own gay engineer unlocking the potential of the multi-use trail to scores of people and shirtless joggers.    READ MORE »

‘America’s Got Talent’ cuts sassy Prancing Elites

The gay Prancing Elite took their sassy stepping from Alabama and YouTube to "America's Got Talent" on Tuesday, but the dance team's national TV debut didn't go well.    READ MORE »

Trans woman stripped nude, beaten during MARTA attack [NSFW]

Two transgender women were attacked, and one was stripped nude, during a verbal confrontation that turned into a violent brawl and beating on a MARTA train.    READ MORE »

Supporters rally as fired gay teacher speaks out

Parents, students and supporters are rallying around Flint Dollar, a middle school music teacher in Macon who says his Catholic prep school fired him over plans to marry his boyfriend of six years.    READ MORE »

The chaos of 4 Atlanta queens, 1 reality TV show

The ladies of "Married to Medicine" served up gay sidekick realness on Sunday, packing not one, not two but four Atlanta queens in an episode that erupted into chaotic, fur coat, fashion fabulousness.    READ MORE »

‘Small Town Security’ goes on trans man’s virgin date

Dennis Croft has bared his soul and prosthetic penis on "Small Town Security." Now, the north Georgia trans man wants to get laid as he navigates overpowering hormones, online dating and no longer being "tit blocked."    READ MORE »

Anti-gay pastor hired by Georgia health agency

State health officials are backing away from hiring a doctor who quit his public health post after sermons surfaced in which he condemns gays and argues that homosexuality should be a mental disorder.    READ MORE »

ATL divas cover ‘Royals’ like you’ve never seen

What do you get when you mix go-to cover song “Royals” with gay Atlanta drag favorites Evah Destruction, Evelyn H. Caldwell and Aria B. Cassadine? It’s a music video that's not to be missed.    READ MORE »

Reality queen gay-baits her Atlanta ‘Judys’

If you thought TV was done for the summer with Atlanta reality shows featuring gals and their gays, you’ve got another thing coming. And it’s coming with ignorance about gay men they call their friends.    READ MORE »