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This happens when models play with their hoses

Tyra Banks set aside the gay kerfuffle and delivered what "America's Next Top Model" fans really want: Her hunks stripped down and playing with their hoses.    READ MORE »

Houston homophobe goes on apology tour

Hunky Houston homophobe Denzel Wells – blasted by Tyra Banks for going after gay Texas guy Will Jardell – is on an apology tour of sorts to let people know he's not a raving homophobe. Just a simmering one.    READ MORE »

Strippers and their hoses do Atlanta Pride parade

Because bigger is better when it comes to strippers, Swinging Richards put its hunks on not one (like last year) but two fire trucks and stripped them down for the Atlanta Pride parade on Sunday.    READ MORE »

Pansies, angels counter anti-gay Pride protesters

A band of street preachers armed with a megaphone and anti-gay signs tried to shout down the Atlanta Pride parade on Sunday, but were met with pansies, angels and Lea DeLaria giving them the finger.    READ MORE »

Gay Houston couple booted from cab after kiss

A gay Houston couple who kissed on their cab ride from F Bar on Sunday says their cabbie told them they were going to hell and kicked them out several blocks from home.    READ MORE »

Tyra Banks helps Emory bro fix his gay problem

In an episode dripping with homophobia, the one hunk you'd expect to be in the thick of it on "America's Next Top Model" actually uses it to repair his douchey Emory frat bro image.    READ MORE »

Jason Carter backs gay marriage in Georgia

Democrat Jason Carter, who quietly came out for gay marriage earlier this summer, strongly stated his support for marriage equality during a candidate debate on Tuesday.    READ MORE »

Michelle Nunn cleans up her gay marriage mess

Democrat Michelle Nunn delivered her strongest statement yet supporting gay marriage during a raucous debate Tuesday that featured all three candidates for the open U.S. Senate seat in Georgia.    READ MORE »

Tyra Banks shuts down ‘Top Model’ homophobe

The bromance is over for Texas gay Will Jardell, who faced down a homophobic Houston guy on 'America's Next Top Model' with an assist from Tyra Banks, who was having none of it.    READ MORE »

Anti-gay pastor says he’s victim of discrimination

The anti-gay pastor who claimed that homosexuality is 'from the pits of hell' – and was fired nearly as quickly as he was hired by a Georgia health agency – has filed a federal complaint.    READ MORE »

Will Jardell seals ‘Top Model’ bromance with kiss

Texas native Will Jardell made a big, gay debut on "America's Next Top Model" and since has impressed judges, competitors and on Monday, came close to charming the pants off sexy housemate Matt Smith.    READ MORE »

Gay teen disowned by family thanks supporters

The gay Georgia teen whose story of being kicked out by his parents became a viral sensation thanked supporters on Friday as the group that helped him celebrated their ongoing efforts during an open house.    READ MORE »

Bus driver called ‘faggot,’ fired after student fight

A gay bus driver for Atlanta Public Schools fired for using pepper spray to defuse a fight on his bus says he endured taunts, including anti-gay slurs, from students on his route.    READ MORE »

21 ways we love weather hunk Rob Marciano

Move over, Sam Champion. Or at least sit tight. We need a moment with our original Atlanta weather stud, Rob Marciano. The smiling brunette beefcake is returning to his first love and gunning for Champion’s job. Sort of.    READ MORE »

Big Willie’s tasty sass booted from ‘MasterChef’

Big Willie's run of camp, class and tasty cuisine came to an end on Monday, meaning Fox's "MasterChef" lost its last openly gay competitor and its biggest personality.    READ MORE »

Gay-owned bars get $274,000 to fluff their facades

Two gay-owned businesses finding success putting the eclectic back in Edgewood Avenue are getting $274,000 in grants to fluff their facades to help pretty things up along the corridor.    READ MORE »

Will Jardell makes his big, gay ‘Top Model’ debut

Texas guy Will Jardell landed on "America's Next Top Model" not holding back: Unapologetically gay, gushing at the return of Miss J. and giving Tyra Banks lessons on twerking.    READ MORE »

That douchey Emory frat bro? Still a douche

Sexy douche and Emory frat bro embarrassment Adam Smith lived up to his doucheyness during his "America's Next Top Model" debut, giving pause to consider how far his muscled appeal can take him.    READ MORE »

Sparkle Hooves loves a hot wing (and ding-a-ling)

Just as the dog days of summer had us pining for any conceivable break from the doldrums, the gayest cartoon horse in existence busts out with more tips to put extra gay in your Atlanta day.    READ MORE »

HERO effort falls short of forcing public vote

Opponents of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance failed to gather enough valid signatures to put the measure before voters, city officials announced on Monday.    READ MORE »