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Violet Chachki so close to winning ‘Drag Race’ crown

Violet Chachki continued her 'RuPaul's Drag Race' dominance on Monday, steam-rolling right into the finale as a less bitchy, more compassionate version of herself.    READ MORE »

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Ga. rep: I’m not discriminating against gay brother

A powerful Republican in the Georgia House said although he doesn't want to see his gay brother face discrimination, he supports anti-gay 'religious freedom' legislation and the state's gay marriage ban.    READ MORE »

Watch Atlanta queers show off ‘Moxie’ on film

You’ve heard the buzz. You’ve seen the excerpts. The final stretch to Atlanta unveiling the nitty-gritty of its ‘Queer Moxie’ in a film of the same name is nigh, and you can help push it past the finish line.    READ MORE »

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Parker declares victory on gay rights in Texas

Houston Mayor Annise Parker went to Austin Saturday to address the Students For Liberty’s LGBT conference. In it, she took an early victory lap on the gay rights movement. Forget the legislature.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta civil rights icon: Gays ‘befuddle’ me

Civil rights icon Joseph Lowery is befuddled by that gay thing, but the Atlanta pastor stands firm in his support of LGBT equality even if he's a little mushy on whether he'd officiate a gay marriage.    READ MORE »

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Georgia pastor says gays ‘deserve not to live’

A Leviticus-quoting pastor in middle Georgia is calling for gay people to be put to death and posting anti-gay verses on a sign outside his church.    READ MORE »

Violet Chachki step closer to ‘Drag Race’ crown

Atlanta's own Violet Chachki is in this to snatch herself another 'RuPaul's Drag Race' crown. And she showed Monday that she can read with the best of these queens.    READ MORE »

Violet Chachki ‘RuPaul’s’ baddest Atlanta bitch ever

Atlanta's own Violet Chachki landed on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' with the claws out, an attitude-filled approach that didn't sit well with the other ladies. Everyone hated her. Until now.    READ MORE »

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Parker: We’ll get HERO win in ‘court or ballot box’

Mayor Annise Parker defended the city's LGBT-inclusive Equal Rights Ordinance and promised victory in court or at the ballot box as the measure awaits a pivotal court decision this week.    READ MORE »

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Meet widower who could legalize gay marriage

The man at the center of a case that could legalize gay marriage shared the heartbreaking details of his fight for equality, his partner's terminal illness and their marriage on an airport tarmac.    READ MORE »

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Gay Houston toasts equality with HRC gala dinner

Gay Houston took an upscale break from fighting anti-LGBT efforts on Saturday to toast equality, raise funds and celebrate with the help of a basketball star and Grammy-nominated country singer.    READ MORE »

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Coke gives anti-gay RFRA supporters heartburn

Have a Coke and a smile, gays. The Atlanta beverage giant finally came out against a 'religious freedom' bill, the self-inflicted defeat of which has made some of its anti-gay supporters frown.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta man chases down his home invader

After hanging out with a half-dozen friends, a gay Atlanta man found an uninvited stranger walking into his Midtown home late Saturday night. What happened next was just bizarre.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta rallies to demand lawmakers kill anti-gay bill

With cries of 'Not in my name, not in our name, not in God's name,' more than 150 LGBT activists, progressives and faith leaders marched around the State Capitol on Tuesday to denounce the anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill struggling to survive.    READ MORE »

Everyone on ‘Drag Race’ hates Violet Chachki

Gay Atlanta's latest queen combatant on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' isn't playing nicely with the other contestants. But no matter as she keeps wowing the judges.    READ MORE »

Gary With Da Tea dishes on gay Atlanta’s ‘daddy girls’

Slide aside, cast queens of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta.' The show's newest queen is serving the tea on dating in gay Atlanta and its daddy girls, sissies and punks.    READ MORE »

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CBS 46 finds a smart gay to talk gay marriage

When it needed a smart gay person to talk about gay stuff, CBS 46 looked no further than longtime Atlanta non-profit leader and LGBT Georgia health advocate Linda Ellis.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta rallies against ‘religious freedom’ bill

A crowd of about 200 LGBT activists, progressives and faith leaders rallied against Georgia's so-called 'religious freedom' bill on Tuesday, criticizing the measure as opening the door to anti-gay discrimination.    READ MORE »

Claws come out for Atlanta’s ‘Drag Race’ queen

It took just a week and already the claws are coming out as gay Atlanta's Violet Chachki picks fights, makes demands and otherwise frays the nerves of her competitors on "RuPaul's Drag Race."    READ MORE »

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Violet Chachki nails ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ debut

Gay Atlanta's own Violet Chachki opened Season 7 of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' on Monday with a commanding performance, the sass we love and a viewing party packed with her fans at Mary's.    READ MORE »