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How to get laid at the gym like a porn star

Gay porn’s Randy Blue doesn’t have the market cornered on young, hung jocks as sex stars, but it does have a unique sense of humor when marketing them. If you’re into that sort of thing.    READ MORE »

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Gay marriage inflames Houston’s Hater in Chief

Houston's anti-gay Hater In Chief Jared Woodfill is full of angst, angry that a single gay Texas couple was married on Thursday under court order.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta dads eye fourth child, new movie

With all the negativity and crazies in the world, it’s always nice to bask again in the glow of Kordale and Kaleb, the local dads and Instagram celebrities who we love seeing stretch their 15 minutes of fame.    READ MORE »

‘Real Housewives’ just can’t quit gay Atlanta

Gay Atlanta again served cameo as the newest cast member of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" took a deep dive into queens who do hair, queens who do drag and queens who eat.    READ MORE »

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Gay-owned ATL theater to screen ‘The Interview’

Need a place to show a controversial film? At least one gay has your back, beleaguered Sony Pictures, as the gay-owned Plaza Theatre will screen "The Interview" on Christmas Day.    READ MORE »

NeNe Leakes shows off her new, fashionable gay

NeNe Leakes has a new gay, new hair and new fashions as she puts a little distance between herself and last season's queen-baiting to go all gay positive, all the time on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."    READ MORE »

This gay Atlanta stylist is no hair burglar

Celebrity weave maker and gay bestie Derek J has stared down a competitor with a gun and the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." So do not accuse him of being the Hair Burglar of the South.    READ MORE »

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Meet ‘Intrepid’ gay man who stole the Braves

When the Braves dumped Atlanta to shack up with Cobb, this gay guy bragged about it. Turns out, Brooks Mathis wasn't just talking up the move, he orchestrated it and worked to hide it from the public.    READ MORE »

This gay Texan won our hearts on ‘Top Model’

Gay dancer and small town Texas guy Will Jardell didn't win "America's Next Model" on Friday, but he won our hearts.    READ MORE »

Meet the Atlanta jock who just won ‘Top Model’

Sexy Atlanta jock Keith Carlos and his manaconda peaked at the right moment, as he topped a gay Texas guy and Atlanta frat bro to become the first-ever male winner of "America's Next Top Model."    READ MORE »

‘Real Housewives’ trash gay Atlanta restaurant

The divas of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" love their drama. They love their dinner brawls. And they love gay Atlanta. But mix all of that and this gay fave restaurant in Midtown comes out the loser.    READ MORE »

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B52s Kate Pierson comes out for ‘Mister Sisters’

You know from the get-go that there’s something beautiful and queer about a new song by a founding member of the iconic Georgia party band The B52s. Watch the new video by Atlanta’s own Kate Pierson.    READ MORE »

Sam Champion is too fabulous for winter hats

When gay Atlanta weather daddy Sam Champion stares down winter weather, he'll pull on double mittens, double socks and a scarf. But definitely not a hat, so stop pestering him about it on Twitter.    READ MORE »

Gay ‘Atlanta Housewife’ twirls your new anthem

Brandon DeShazer is stepping up his gay game. The reality TV bestie de-shirted a felon last season. Now, he's dishing sassy quips and twirls – even an anthem – to let it be known he's the gayest of them all.    READ MORE »

NeNe Leakes is officially a drag queen, honey

NeNe Leakes loves her gays, even when she baits them with homophobic slang, but "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" diva is trying to play nice this season. Also, she's morphed into a drag queen.    READ MORE »

12 hottest hunks strip to be Ellen’s new gardener

For a lesbian, Ellen Degeneres has excellent taste in men. The departure of her half-naked “Nick the gardener” leaves her fans wanting and her talk show scouring hot-guy videos for someone to tend their bushes.    READ MORE »

ManShaft teases its ‘hot, sticky’ new homebase

You love a ManShaft. Well, prepare to get stuffed as DJ Diablo Rojo teases his man-on-man dance party’s return of hot, hairy fun in a new location suited to its loyal daddies and boys.    READ MORE »

12 gayest moments of a very gay RHOA preview

The gays of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' settled into a convertible and toured the city on Sunday, putting the gayest of gay spins on the best moments from last season as the new one gets ready to roll.    READ MORE »

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Please stop peeing on this gay florist’s floor

Richard Ramey knows his indignities. The florist and co-owner of the Eagle has been raided by rogue cops, been burgled by clueless thieves and now faces people peeing on his floor.    READ MORE »

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Jimmy Carter backtracks on gay marriage

Former president and Georgia peach Jimmy Carter confused his unfettered support for gay marriage by saying that although he backs marriage equality, the issue should be left to states to decide.    READ MORE »