imageSinger says she’s bisexual, film from hometown story, reviews are in on “The Real L Word,”  youth homelessness study, LGBT headline Obamarama, and is Warren Beatty-Annette Bening offspring FTM?

Obama to host Pride month White House reception. LGBT leaders and notables like Mississippi prom teen Constance McMillen are expected on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Obama’s Pride Month declaration drawing critics.

Vanessa Carlton to Nashville Pride: I’m bisexual. The “A Thousand Miles” and “Ordinary Day” singer (top photo) took the opportunity to come out about it during a Pride stage performance.

Defense Secretary: Obama could still veto Congressional repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” If the Defense budget includes line items the president finds “wasteful,” he may be forced to reject the whole measure.

image Wisconsin teen claims death threats, taunting for being gay. The police are all but ignoring complaints by 18-year old Gregg Udulutch (second photo), but the school district is investigating.

Gay state Senator invited White House “Fatherhood” mixer. Richard S. Madeleno Jr., the first openly gay member of the Maryland state Senate, his partner and their children are expected at the Monday cookout featuring Obama’s gay-inclusive “Fatherhood” proclamation.

image Daring to be gay in Smalltown, USA. When a male couple announced their D.C. wedding in one partner’s Oil City, Penn., hometown paper, angry letters poured in. But one message from Kathy Springer (third photo), the mom of a gay teen back home, prompted the pair to start the “Out in the Silence” film project about gay rights in rural America.

Mike Huckabee discusses the gay marriage “ick factor.” With that phrase, the former Arkansas governor rehashes his opposition to same-sex unions, which he has previously compared to incest and polygamy.

Democrats court gay vote at Denver Pride. At a speech during the festivities, U.S. Senate hopeful Andrew Romanoff told a gathered crowd that he is not just the most progressive candidate on gay issues in Denver, but in the entire country. He and his Democratic Primary opponent both in the city’s Pride Parade.

image Reports: Warren Beatty and Annette Bening’s daughter plans sex change. The 18-year old already goes by Stephen (fourth photo, left, alongside Beatty in 2004, right), according to Perez Hilton and the National Enquirer. Stay tuned for more input from more reliable sources.

Not new, but news. The 2010 release of Texas GOP platform is unchanged, but garnering renewed headlines with jail time for issuing same-sex marriage licenses. The platform also reiterates the state party’s intent to put sodomy laws back on the books.

image “The Real L Word”: Gay, female and overworked as everyone else. Reviewer says show’s premiere (bottom photo) works hard to cover up monotonous lives with L.A. glitz.

Transgender rights in Ireland move forward. The Irish government dropped its appeal to a High Court decision granting a birth certificate gender change, clearing the way for others to do the same.

By the numbers: Gay and transgender youth homelessness. Read the full report from the Center for American Progress.