If you’re going to pull an all nighter, take some tips from the party boys of Carioca. Bring two international DJs, start at Jungle and don’t let up until the shirtless need sunglasses to leave.

It’s a well-worn formula for the long-running party crew headed by Fernando Jardim, who returned with a vengeance on Saturday from a pretty long Carioca hiatus. DJ Mark Anthony from Montreal got things started at Jungle (photos), where an “early” set meant 10 p.m. The later it got, the more undressed the guests. Just part of the magic that is Carioca.

At the witching hour, better known as the City of Atlanta’s mandated bar closing time, Jardim & Co. moved to the private club Xion just down the way from Jungle. Globally sought after DJ Alyson Calagna was waiting. She moved the feet and shook the butts until 7 a.m. on Sunday.

Photos by Eric Huminski