Fourth accuser claims Travolta assault, rocker and Linda Perry headline LGBT rights concert, Andrew Sullivan fights tears explaining “first gay president” Newsweek cover, Mitt Romney accused of anti-gay high school bullying, and more LGBT headlines.

Courtney Love rocks for LGBT rights. Superstar lesbian producer Linda Perry (top photo, left) and Love (right) join forces for the Evening With Women concert on May 19 in L.A. to benefit the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center. Singer Aimee Mann is also on the roster.

Mitt Romney accused of anti-gay bullying in high school. The candidate apologized for “pranks” and other “dumb things” he did as a teenager, but says sexual orientation wasn’t the motivator.

Gay Facebook founder, partner pledge $100K to Maine marriage. Chris Hughes, one of the Harvard alums who didn’t get dicked as the social network grew, began a push to pass gay marriage in the state in November. He and his partner’s pledge is a matching challenge to raise big bucks.

Fourth man accuses John Travolta of gay massage impropriety. If you missed it, a third plaintiff came forward Friday. Now a former hotel masseur says the actor (top photo) was banned from the hotel for behavior mirroring that already alleged by three others. One of the original accusations is being debunked.

Gay student to be presented with Matthew Shepard scholarship after all. An Iowa diocese originally reneged on a Catholic school’s promise to let Keaton Fuller collect his prize at a ceremony. Now a compromise allows a representative of the scholarship to present the award, but not speak.

California’s ban on “ex-gay” therapy advances. A policy committee approved the first bill of its kind, which would prohibit harmful gay-to-straight “conversion” therapy for people under 18. Adults seeking the therapies would have to sign consent forms.

Colorado House to debate civil unions Monday. After failing to vote on it when the legislative session ended, lawmakers are back at the capitol. The governor says he called the special session for 30 bills that didn’t get a vote, but if civil unions doesn’t advance, the special session could be over by Monday night.

Transgender student sues University of Arkansas. Jennifer Braly (photo) has given roughly 20 guest lectures at the school while maintaining a 3.58 GPA. She was banned from delivering any more lectures, but under the lawsuit threat, the school now says though one speech was canceled, she’ll be allowed in the future.

Newsweek calls Obama “The first gay president.” When the magazine promoted its cover story (bottom photo) by gay columnist Andrew Sullivan, it garnered reaction calling it tacky. Here are three gay things the gay president can do in Atlanta next month, here’s the article in its entirety, and here’s Sullivan choking back tears over the president’s gay marriage support. Watch:

Travolta photo from Us; Perry-Love photo from Rolling Stone