imageFrom male body builder to female fitness guru, Mississippi prom lesbian’s big year, Ian McKellen honored in Savannah, Chicago’s first gay schools chief steps own, gay GOP support up this election cycle, violence in Cameroon, and more LGBT headlines.

Male bodybuilding impresario becomes female fitness guru. After building and selling a multi-million dollar wholesale fitness goods business, Atlanta native Chris Bruce (top photo) now runs a trans-fit boot camp and advice website.

Overseas travel spells uncertainty for gay married couples. A lesbian doctor explains issues she and her partner face as they fly from “Now we’re married” to “Now we’re not.”

image Glamour magazine names Mississippi prom lesbian among Women of the Year. In the December issue, Constance McMillen (second photo)—whose desired female prom date and the subsequent fallout was the center of national coverage and gay support for most of 2010—talks about teen bullying and the situation for today’s LGBT youth.

Midterm exit polls suggest a third of gay voters backed Republicans. Some 31 percent of respondents said they voted for the GOP, compared to 24 percent in the 2006 midterms. GOProud is proud.

Report: Violence against gays widespread in Cameroon. Four human rights groups released a study that found widespread arrests, beatings, discrimination and intimidation of gays in the African country where homosexuality is a criminal offense.

image Gay Chicago schools chief steps down. Ron Huberman (photo), the first openly gay CEO of Chicago’s public school system, confirmed he’s leaving the post as the mayor’s office transitions to a new adminstration.

Transgender driver files $200,000 suit against Portland police for groping during traffic stop. The suit states that Chlole Lucero, 27, “is male in outward appearance” but with a female driver’s license designation. It alleges that a body search was trumped up over the discrepancy.

image Savannah Film Festival gives Ian McKellan its Lifetime Achievement Award. The gay “Lord of the Rings” star and British Knight (bottom photo) says he appreciates Georgia’s hospitality but that he hates being called “Sir Ian.”

HIV positive man cops plea deal in Michigan biting case. Danile Allen was originally charged with bioterrorism and assault after allegedly biting his neighbor on the lip after longterm anti-gay harassment. Charges were later changed to simple assault. He plead no contest in exchange for probation.

Belgian Archbisop says AIDS is “intrinsic justice” for gays. To make matter weirder, the leader of the Catholic Church in Belgium, Andre-Joseph Leonard also said that elderly priests found to have sexually abused children should not be punished.