Models and identical twins Marcos and Marcio Patriota create a stir wherever they go. Together, they combine two Morning Fix fascinations: Twins who bring us to the brink and Made in Brazil men.

In fact, Marcio and Marcos are a cottage industry of their own. This matching set loves each other. A lot. Maybe more than most brothers. Their tender affection walks right up to the twincest line and butts up against it – and each other.

The Stenmark twins are stunning, and the Smits are heavenly. The Sampaios are gangster hot, and the GTwins are double delicious. None of them are quite as suggestive as the Patriotas. Not even those randy Russians Rubin and Reval.

With videos playing up the tease of the brothers together—yes, more than one video. In fact, more than two—2013 finally sees the release of the Patriota Twins making out. Actually, that fully clothed shot is subtle compared to some of their other “almost” poses. If you’re keeping LGBT-track, the makeout shoot also includes the world’s first transgender supermodel Lea T. The boys have also done fashion spreads with gay icon Amanda LePore.

Enough talk. Click through this supersized batch of Patriota pics and see what the buzz is about.

Photos by Justin Marquis, Rick Day, Thomas Synnamon, Philip Riches, Damon Baker and Daniel Jaems