Ever wonder if anti-gay haters, the kind that throw around “gay” as an insult, arrive at that hateful place as a result of nature or nurturing? These two Atlanta moms prove that teaching kids to hate starts early.

The video, shot by Kick Ass Mall Cop Darien Long, shows two women in a nasty face-to-face with Long during his shift as a security guard at Metro Mall on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. Long shot the video in May, but it didn’t hit YouTube until last week.

It’s a shocking five-minute experience that ends with one of the women getting tasered and falling limp to the pavement after repeatedly spitting at and striking Long. But what’s more disturbing is the lesson young kids with the women are learning. As the women hurl slur after slur at Long—calling him “pussy” and “bitch nigger”—watch what happens at about 1:25 in the video.

That’s when one of the children picks up from the bad behavior of the adults and yells, “you gay” at Long. Not to be outdone, another kid picks up on that and starts yelling, “that’s why you gay.” It’s chilling to see how these kids are so easily putting into practice what they’ve learned from the women—that being gay is bad. The women were later arrested, according to WSB, but no word on what happened to the children.

Ah, parenting. That’s how you set the bar so low.

via Creative Loafing and YouTube