You love leaving comments on our posts, especially when they’re about douchebag attorneys, gay haters and crime. And we love reading them. Here’s the best of the best from the week gone by.

Jay Abt, attorney for one of the three suspects in the beating of gay Atlanta man Brandon White, provoked quite a reaction, including this pointed one from Whatevah:

On the victims behalf, I would like to extend my middle finger.

Commenters took aim at Change Atlanta, the LGBT group that supported White before they didn’t. MrAndyBean summed up the reaction:

the lawyers changed the story and for whatever reason they fell for it. They did some of their own investigating??? Translates into someone said what they want to believe happened and their opinion spread and these intelligent activists listened to all of the “credible” quiet homophobic people in the community and put themselves on the news to speak against the little gay dude so they can get along with their hateful neighbors. They were duped by the lawyers and their neighbors. Dumb asses.

The news of Totally Tyler hitting Atlanta next month for the first in a new effort by Brushstrokes to host LGBT authors excited at least one commenter, jacobfarmer:

I can imagine myself drunk enough to kiss him. He looks a like a good roll.

Daniel English took issue with the defeat of a workplace discrimination ban, House Bill 630, and lumped it in with a critique of gay Republicans:

Georgia still the good ole boy state for blatant homophobia. What is even more sad is the sheer number of gays that claim to be Republican in the state. Like really? Don’t you realize that this is an issue of human rights? We are treated like animals in this state. While the state itself reaps economic rewards from our taxes and services.

Tanya Ditty (photo), Georgia’s new Hater-in-Chief, provoked outrage with her anti-gay testimony during a House subcommittee hearing on Tuesday. It even led Kayce Maisel and others to speculate that a bit of self-loathing is fueling her anti-gay fire:

i know my own ~ closet case if i’ve ever seen it. i would feel bad for her, except for the whole self-hating homophobe thing.

YouWillDeal weighed in on Ditty and cats:

This woman just fucked herself. In this age of Anonymous, you really don’t want to be dumping on gays or cats!

Ryan Gosling has a few fans, too. Jamey offered this in response to Gosling’s appearance in the Morning Fix:

Maybe he’d go if they’d let him show up without a shirt. Promote it beforehand, and more gays would watch (not that they won’t be already!

Ginger Vitis, a member of the Armorettes, wants to head to Midway Church and test the limits of their “acceptance”:

Well I say a pack of us should head out there in leather and drag and stuff and worship with the accepting folks and see how accepting they really are.  That would be some fun!

Mike Ashley, upset over a lesbian couple robbed in a home invasion, offered his solution:

Gay Atlanta needs to arm itself!