Karl Rove PAC slings mud at lesbian Senate candidate, commemorating National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, “faggot” count on Twitter, pioneering gay parents, Barney Frank on pot, gays missing from gay marriage ads, and more LGBT headlines.

How LGBT parents transformed family law. The new book “The Right to Be Parents” unveils the personal stories behind real gay parents (top photo) who went to court for legal recognition of their families.

Gay marriage ads missing actual gay people. Six of the seven pro-gay ads running in four states voting on gay marriage in November seem to show campaign strategies leaning toward whitewashing the gay voices right out of the pitch.

It’s National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. CDC’s and the nation’s HIV chief Keith Fenton of Atlanta says Thursday’s fifth annual set-aside date reminds us that, all year, gay men are still the most-impacted risk group in the U.S. Now go get tested in Atlanta today.

Karl Rove’s SuperPAC attack on Tammy Baldwin. A 30-second spot produced and funded to the tune of $1.2 million by the Rove-founded Crossroads GPS, says the openly gay U.S. House member and Senate candidate is “just too extreme for Wisconsin” and basically depicts her as a stereotypically angry lesbian.

San Francisco gay rights pioneer pleads not guilty to child porn. Larry Brinkin retired from the city’s Human Rights Commission in 2010 amid cheers for filing the first same-sex domestic partnership lawsuit in the nation back in 1981. Wednesday was his first court appearance on four counts of possessing and two counts of distributing child porn.

Twitter: 2.4 Million anti-gay slurs and counting. The University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services says that just since July 5, that’s how many times the word “faggot” has been tweeted. More counting: “no homo” and “so gay” are tied at 800,000 tweets, while “dyke” comes in at just over 300,000 Twitter mentions.

Pot brownies make Barney Frank sleepy. He’s not just the nation’s longest sitting openly gay Congress member. The exiting House rep (bottom photo) is also a vocal advocate for legalized marijuana, though he admits that when he tried it, “It made me sleepy.” Of course, that’s the result of most of his activities.

JK Rowling’s new grown-ups novel includes gay subplot. Not that Harry Potter wasn’t chock full of outsider imagery and, well, Dumbledore, but the author gets more gay specific in her small-town-set “The Casual Vacancy,” which includes a lesbian coming out to her mother.

Gay parents photo via Advocate; Baldwin photo from YouTube; Frank photo via Dealbreaker