imageTabatha Coffey vows to lead “Takeover” of governor’s office over gay marriage, pontiff says gay marriage threatens human race, GOProud campaigns for New Hampshire primary Republicans, two additional states weigh gay marriage, and more LGBT headlines.

Pope: Gay marriage threat to “future of humanity itself.” On Monday, diplomats from 180 countries got an earful of the pontiff’s (top photo) New Year’s speech on the state of the globe in which he said gay marriage undermines children and “threatens human dignity.”

Gay marriage a priority for Maryland legislature. The governor adds his state to a growing list – including New Jersey and Washington – to consider legalizing same-sex marriage this session. The Maryland state Senate passed the bill last year, but Republicans blocked a vote in the House. Illinois lawmakers are also developing a strategy.

image Tabatha Coffey considers “Takeover” of New Jersey gay marriage. The lesbian reality star who runs a New Jersey hair salon (middle photo) and tells others how to run their business says she’ll lead a “Takeover” of the governor’s office if he tries to block same-sex unions. Bitch don’t play; she already took over Outwrite.

Intern says Romney approved pro-gay flyers. An aide to the presidential candidate’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign says that Boston Pride fliers disavowed by Romney on Monday were in fact official campaign literature. The Obama camp blasts the flip-flop.

GOProud backs Republicans in New Hampshire primary. The conservative gay group is holding events throughout the state all week. They haven’t endorsed a candidate but insist that any of them are better than Obama. The state’s gay retired Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson takes a different tack on the race.

Knoxville gays “cry foul” over “Gayest Cities” ranking. Locals point out the anti-gay politics in their city as reasons why the annual Advocate list shouldn’t rank them at all, much less at No. 8. We back Atlanta on the list, but not the Advocate’s weird science.

image Joel Osteen tells Oprah that gay is a sin. On the media giant’s new show “Next Chapter,” the megapreacher (bottom photo) says that Christians focus too much on gays. Homosexuality is no worse than lying or adultery, and you can still go to heaven if you repent, he says.

Be gay frugal with Suze Orman’s “Approved” debit card. The lesbian financial guru backs the new MasterCard that you pre-load with just as much money as you can afford.

Pope photo by AP; Coffey photo by Project Q Atlanta; Osteen-Winfrey photo from OWN