image“Last pink triangle” remembers concentration camps, “Big Brother 10” porn star assault charge, administration seeks emergency court halt while allowing gay military recruits, gay marriage foe blamed for teen suicides, and Alec Baldwin on being gay. More LGBT headlines.

National Organization for Marriage leader: gays bullying gays causes suicides, not anti-gay rhetoric. Maggie Gallagher (top photo), the group’s president, writes in a New York Post editorial today—Wear Purple Queer Spirit Day—that “Apparently, either we all agree that gay marriage is good or gay children will die. It’s a horrific charge to levy…”

Arrest in two more West Village gay bar attacks. A 45-year-old Queens man has been charged in two attacks, just 10 minutes apart, in two West Village gay bars, the second and third such incidents in Greenwich Village gay establishments in the past two weeks.

image Obama administration seeks emergency stay of “Don’t Ask” stop order. As predicted, a federal judge Tuesday denied halting her order to stop enforcing the military’s gay ban immediately. The administration took it to the next highest court—and is expected to win—so that it can repeal the measure in its own time through Congress. In an unexpected, ironic turn, the Pentagon orders recruiters to start accepting applications from openly gay enlisters—for now—and “Don’t Ask” activists like Dan Choi (second photo) are re-enlisting.

Trial begins in “Gay Slay” escort murder case. Attorneys for John Katehis, 18, are arguing that he was the victim of a 47-year-old sexual predator, while prosecutors describe the suspect as a calculating murderer.

image Gay Holocaust survivor recounts horrors. “Last of the pink triangles,” 97-year-old Rudolf Brazda (third photo) was deported by the Nazis for being gay and remembers his years as a prisoner at the Buchenwald concentration camp in a video interview for a French news outlet.

Court rebuked for gay surrogacy case. A gay Israeli man who earlier this year fathered twins with an Indian surrogate before being denied entry back into the country with his children was subjected to “hurtful” and homophobic treatment by an Israeli family court judge, an ombudsman concluded.

image Reality star-turned-porn star Steven Daigle arrested in bloody attack. The Monday fight between Daigle (fourth photo) and his ex-boyfriend/fellow performer outside a West Hollywood gay nightclub sent Daigle to jail and the alleged victim to the hospital. Daigle was in Atlanta Oct. 9 peddling his wares for charity and spoke with us in advance of the appearance.

Convicted gay Saudi prince gets life for killing of servant. A British judge handed down the sentence Wednesday after a jury found him guilty of sexual violence that ended with a deadly beating.

image Alec Baldwin: Why does everyone assume I’m straight? In a tongue-in-cheek video supporting gay marriage in New York, the “30 Rock” star (bottom photo) responds to “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s video that laments he can’t marry Baldwin because he’s straight.

Hilary Clinton to gay teens: hang in there. The Secretary of State added her voice to the “It Gets Better” video campaign with her own words of encouragement. “Your life is so important to your family, your friends and to your country,” she says.