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Purple Dress Run: Dudes don’t look like ladies

Put the Atlanta Bucks in purple dresses and run them from bar to bar, and it’s no prim Southern cotillion. The burly Bucks don gay apparel Saturday for the annual fundraiser.    READ MORE »

Bowling, beer & softball guys? We’re in [photos]

Sports junkies enjoy the on-the-field action the Hotlanta Softball League provides on Sundays. But fun junkies enjoy the beer busts, fundraisers and car washes that are hallmarks of the season.    READ MORE »

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Fundraiser boosts Action Cycling efforts [photos]

Sadly, there were no toned cyclists in Spandex nor shirtless firefighters. But there was plenty of fundraising happening at Pedaling for a Purpose to help raise money for the upcoming AIDS Vaccine 200.    READ MORE »

Hotlanta Softball 30th season underway [photos]

Rain dampened the Hotlanta Softball League's schedule on Sunday, but the summer season that opened March 28 is in full swing with a few dozen teams hitting the fields in southwest Fulton.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Softball, baseball conditioning, Part 1

Atlanta’s gay softball leagues are already on the diamonds. Whether you compete or just want to be in shape to play ball, use this two-part guide. First up: aerobic and endurance drills.    READ MORE »

How to spell gridiron jock? N-F-F-L-A [photos]

Weather permitting and Mother Nature cooperating, the jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta return to the field on Saturday morning after a week off for a round of four games.    READ MORE »

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Charity event on Sat. supports Action Cycling

There won't be bare chested Atlanta firefighters this time, but organizers of an Action Cycling 200 silent auction and fundraiser on Saturday still promise a good time for those who attend.    READ MORE »

Bucks rugby ends season with loss [photos]

A tough season now over, the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club can focus on a little fun: It hosts its festive fundraiser, the Purple Dress Run, later this month.    READ MORE »

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Women’s outdoor group parties inside [photos]

Who says lesbians can't dance? The Women's Outdoor Network disproved that on Saturday when its members swapped their outdoor gear for an indoor setting during its annual Spring Party.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: How to increase your bench press

So you’ve maxed out your press? Or worse, you’re having trouble getting started and no luck increasing your poundage? Don’t sweat it. Other exercises can help you get it up. The weight, that is.    READ MORE »

Drag queens go to bat for charity [photos]

The athletic oval in Piedmont Park was crowded with so many drag queens and kings on Saturday that passers-by could mistake it for Atlanta Pride. Instead, they were there for softball. Yes, a sporting event.    READ MORE »

Bucks close rugby season on Saturday [photos]

The Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club, working through a tough spring schedule, closes out its season on Saturday with a match and Spring Fan Appreciation Day.    READ MORE »

HRC hosts Women’s NCAA Final watch party

If you plan it, they will come. A sure bet in gay Atlanta is that lesbians will turn out in droves Tuesday at Amsterdam to watch the UConn Huskies go for their seventh NCAA women's basketball championship.    READ MORE »

Gay jocks hit the flag footbal field [photos]

The arrival of March in Atlanta means one thing for gay weekend warriors–the start of the spring sports season. And rain. But flag football enthusiasts missed that as they opened their new schedule.    READ MORE »

Bucks recruit, scrum this weekend [photos]

That crunch you hear? It's a tell tale sign that the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club is in the midst of its spring season. It's a distinct noise made by men wearing no pads colliding at high speeds.    READ MORE »

The queers climb this weekend in Chattanooga

What involves harnesses, slings, ropes and cracks? Rock climbing of course. And the Georgia affiliate of Homo Climbtastic heads to the cliffs this weekend with plenty of equipment and queer climbers.    READ MORE »

Rain doesn’t deter Hit Mob festivities [photos]

Rain may have dampened its pre-season softball tournament, but the Atlanta Hit Mob never missed a beat when it came to post-game festivities last Sunday.    READ MORE »

Demons beer bust means softball near [photos]

When the Wet Demons host a beer bust, it means a couple of things: The venue is well stocked with beer, there are plenty of sleeveless shirts and the gay softball season has arrived.    READ MORE »

Two ATL teams top volleyball tourney [photos]

With names like Swallows, Tossers, Queen and Just the Tip, you know it had to be some sort of gay sports tournament. Those were among the 22 teams in the Hotlanta Classic XVIII earlier this month.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: training tips for spring athletics

If your workout routine suffered over the weekend—or even all winter long—you can get back in the swing of things for spring, just like the gay sports leagues that are ramping up their spring schedules.    READ MORE »