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Bucks recruit, scrum this weekend [photos]

That crunch you hear? It's a tell tale sign that the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club is in the midst of its spring season. It's a distinct noise made by men wearing no pads colliding at high speeds.    READ MORE »

The queers climb this weekend in Chattanooga

What involves harnesses, slings, ropes and cracks? Rock climbing of course. And the Georgia affiliate of Homo Climbtastic heads to the cliffs this weekend with plenty of equipment and queer climbers.    READ MORE »

Rain doesn’t deter Hit Mob festivities [photos]

Rain may have dampened its pre-season softball tournament, but the Atlanta Hit Mob never missed a beat when it came to post-game festivities last Sunday.    READ MORE »

Demons beer bust means softball near [photos]

When the Wet Demons host a beer bust, it means a couple of things: The venue is well stocked with beer, there are plenty of sleeveless shirts and the gay softball season has arrived.    READ MORE »

Two ATL teams top volleyball tourney [photos]

With names like Swallows, Tossers, Queen and Just the Tip, you know it had to be some sort of gay sports tournament. Those were among the 22 teams in the Hotlanta Classic XVIII earlier this month.    READ MORE »

Fitness: training tips for spring athletics

If your workout routine suffered over the weekend—or even all winter long—you can get back in the swing of things for spring, just like the gay sports leagues that are ramping up their spring schedules.    READ MORE »

Gays sports leagues sign up for spring [photos]

The Atlanta Gay Sports Alliance couldn't have asked for better weather on Sunday to try and convince new recruits that spending their spring outdoors is the way to go.    READ MORE »

Bucks open season with scrappy loss [photos]

The Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club swapped snow for sunny skies and warm weather on Saturday to finally open the delayed start to their spring season with a match at Coan Middle School in Kirkwood.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Ahhhh. Sunday morning and the world is your oyster. Maybe you were up in time for church. If not, there’s plenty more to do on Atanta's Gay Agenda calendar of events all day and all night.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Scrum-licious rugby players hit pitch

You might still be fascinated with the sparkles of the Winter Olympics. But the real sports start today as the Bucks and rugby return. We celebrate with a Morning Fix look at hotties from past seasons.    READ MORE »

Football league hosts Super Bowl social [photos]

Only a gay bar could offer this nightlife dichotomy: Queens cheering on a drag show on one floor with jocks cheering on their Super Bowl favs a floor above them.    READ MORE »

Super Bowl bash raises cash for Bucks [photos]

Don't tell members of the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club that the Super Bowl is really a bastardized version of their beloved sport. They didn't seem to notice during their beer bust on Sunday.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It’s Super Sunday with plenty of events surrounding Super Bowl XLIV. If the phrases "Saints-Colts" or "big game" mean nothing to you, there are also other LGBT places to be and people to see.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Dine with Ludacris, view art with Matre, sing along with Morrisey, play with Papi, hobnob with HRC, know your mandala, see “Good Boys,” or hang with bad boys at a plethora of bar nights.    READ MORE »

UGA student: I’m too sexy for this peanut butter

UGA basketball fans, no doubt joyous with a win over Tennessee, celebrated like most college fans: They rushed the court. Except one shirtless cutie, who slathered himself in peanut butter first.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 15 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It’s colder than two queens after the same man, and snow is a distinct possibility. Warm up with basketball or dancing, huddle up with the Crimson Tide, or settle in for game night.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Quit playing games with our hearts, but other game play is wholeheartedly encouraged. Among many events, your gay Tuesday sees sports, pool, cards, bingo and even truth or dare.    READ MORE »

Ruck & Maul pageant raises big bucks for Bucks

As far as fundraisers go, Atlanta Bucks Rugby raised more than $7,500. As far as drag pageants, the Miss Ruck & Maul wasn't pretty, but it was campy, bawdy and a success for the gay rugby club.    READ MORE »

Not all gay Atlanta sports hibernate for winter

Atlanta’s gay rugby and flag football teams may resort to winter games like the Miss Ruck & Maul Pageant and Jockboy calendar events, but some local sports actually heat up during the cold months.    READ MORE »

Trout gets wet for holiday tournament [photos]

The holidays took a dive–into the pool, actually–earlier this month when the Atlanta Rainbow Trout hosted its festive St. Nicks Meet at Georgia Tech's campus pool in Midtown.    READ MORE »