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Atlanta’s gay rugby jocks do drag for charity

Never let it be said that the burly bears of the gay Atlanta Bucks Rugby team can’t commit to fun for a cause. But of all the nice things you can say about them, doing pretty drag isn’t one of them.    READ MORE »

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Gay rugby jocks Ruck-A-Buck with friends

Gay rugby players from seven squads across the country found their way to Atlanta over the weekend for Ruck-A-Buck, the revived annual tournament from the Atlanta Bucks.    READ MORE »

Gay rugby jocks strip down for sexy calendar

Our nearly naked fantasies of Nashville’s gay rugby team keep coming true. The Grizzlies one-up last year's calendar romp by taking off their uniforms to hang in our bedroom all year.    READ MORE »

Chandler Parsons strips to prove he’s an NBA hunk

It stung for a hot minute when 6’9” basketball cutie Chandler Parsons left the Rockets and went north to Dallas. But gay Houston fans still made time to gawk when the Mavericks hunk took off his shirt to prove a point.    READ MORE »

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Houston teams miss out on Gay Softball World Series titles

Ten Montrose Softball League teams fought for titles at the Gay Softball World Series, but fell short with just one squad placing among the finalists.    READ MORE »

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Hotlanta Softball team wins World Series crown

Hotlanta Softball brought home a national title after its Atlanta Showstoppers won at the Gay Softball World Series, marking the first-ever time a gay Atlanta team captured the B Division crown.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks kick of Houston’s flag football season

They auctioned their bachelors, then prepped during the pre-season. So on Saturday, the Houston Hurricanes kicked off the gay flag football season with a slate of games at the Houston Sportsplex.    READ MORE »

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Gay flag football jocks prep for fall season

The jocks of gay Houston's flag football team, the Hurricanes, continue their push to the season opener with some skills tests on the field and some cocktail-themed fun off.    READ MORE »

Houston softball teams fight for World Series title

Ten Montrose Softball teams are swinging for the fences at their chance to bring a national Gay Softball World Series title home to Houston as the series unfolds this week in Dallas.    READ MORE »

Hotlanta Softball teams vie for World Series titles

Ten Hotlanta Softball teams are swinging for a Gay Softball World Series title next week since last year’s D.C. series turned out to be a wash. After all, Atlanta teams celebrated crowns in 2011 and 2012.    READ MORE »

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Gay softball jocks brew up after-game fun

No content with the camaraderie and fitness to be had by getting out of bed on a Saturday, fall softball players reward themselves further with good old fashioned daydrinking.    READ MORE »

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Gay softball jocks hit the field for fall season

Those gay softball jocks can't sit still for long. So the Southern Softpaw League celebrated Opening Day on Saturday to kick off a season that stretches into November.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks put final spin on summer softball

Softball in gay Atlanta said so long to summer on Saturday, and for Hotlanta Softball League, the perfect recipe for fun starts with a beer bust. Stir in awards and donations, then mix well.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks come together to kick off fall softball

Just when you thought gay softball was over, the teams of Atlanta’s two gay leagues warmed up over the weekend for an autumn full of games and beer busts with – what else? – a beer bust.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Bucks train their rugby recruits

The gay ruggers of the Atlanta Bucks polished their skills and trained some rookie recruits on Saturday as the squad preps for its trip to Sydney for the gay world championships.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks take softball fun into extra innings

If there’s one thing that the gay teams of Hotlanta Softball League do as well as play softball, it’s throw a beer bust each week after the games. But this week, the Extra Innings Beer Bust was supersized.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks lace up for Pride Run in Piedmont

With running shorts, tank tops and some even with children in strollers, nearly 300 people took part in the 24th Annual Atlanta Pride Run & Walk on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Come drool over these 50 hottest World Cup jocks

It’s that time again–the month when Americans join the world giving soccer the attention, if not the frenzy, it gets elsewhere. It’s also time for gay fans of sexy athletes to get all hot and bothered. Join us, won’t you?    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks crown their flag football champs

With a season-long undefeated streak, the Henry's Deckers won the championship of Atlanta's gay flag football league on Saturday. It took a lot of cocktails to get there.    READ MORE »

How Atlanta’s worst drag can make for the best time

Of all the things you could say about the gay jocks of Hotlanta Softball League – and they’ve heard it all, earned most of it and are proud of it – don’t say that they make beautiful drag queens. They don’t, and you're going to love it.    READ MORE »