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Gay softball jocks crown their Mr. HSL king

In a contest with a history of sexy fun, shirtless gay hunks and photo finishes, you can expect anything. Hotlanta Softball league’s annual Mr. HSL pageant on Saturday saw all of that and more.    READ MORE »

37 gay softball jocks reveal what it takes to win Mr. HSL

When the players of Hotlanta Softball League put down their bats and balls, they tend to raise the roofs across gay Atlanta with socials and fundraisers. One of the biggest, and sexiest, is the Mr. HSL pageant on Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Softball jocks don drag to snag MSLA crown

When manly men put their shame aside, swap their Montrose Softball League Association uniforms for drag and fight for the Miss MSLA title, it’s much more fierce competition than you might expect.    READ MORE »

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Montrose Softball jocks slide into new season

You know that winter is officially over when Montrose Softball League fields its freshly uniformed teams for the first time each year. Well, it’s time to say welcome back to Houston’s LGBT and allied Boys (and Girls) of Summer.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta jocks kick off flag football season

After tipping back cocktails and picking their teams, the gay jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta kicked off their spring season on Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Gay football jocks tip margaritas to new season

The only thing that can top the season opener with the gay National Flag Football League of Atlanta is a throwdown with bottomless margaritas after the playbooks are closed for the day.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks play Lone Star Classic in Houston

Hundreds of gay softball jocks from across the country converged in gay Houston over the weekend for the 25th Annual St. Patty's Day Lone Star Classic.    READ MORE »

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Softball jocks party before play at Guava Lamp

Before hundreds of softball jocks hit the field last weekend, they kicked off the Lone Star Classic with cocktails during a registration party at Guava Lamp.    READ MORE »

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Hotlanta Softball jocks slide into new season

The pre-season beer busts over and the team jersey party behind them, the jocks of Hotlanta Softball returned to the fields on Sunday to hit, pitch and throw their way into a new season.    READ MORE »

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Gay softball jocks put Sunday Funday on blast

The first signs of spring came together with Hotlanta Softball League Opening Day to create a gay patio blowout to be heard all over Midtown Atlanta. Cue another memorable HSL beer bust.    READ MORE »

31 gay Atlanta softball jocks show how to rock a uniform

Winter weather waning and spring fever rising, this weekend marks the time when pitching and catching takes on new meaning almost every week until the holidays. It’s Hotlanta Softball time, gay Atlanta.    READ MORE »

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Softball jocks beer bust toward Opening Day

As Hotlanta Softball slides into a new season, they are beer busting their way through pre-season preparations. On Saturday, the gay jocks showed their team spirit at the league's annual Jersey Party.    READ MORE »

Atlanta team scores soccer stud Carlos Bocanegra

Gay soccer fans have been chomping at the bit since it was announced last year that Major League Soccer is building an Atlanta team. Now we’re chewing through our leads at the signing of uber-hottie Carlos Bocanegra.    READ MORE »

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Gay football jocks reveal new teams at Blake’s

Beyond a Super Bowl party, bar crawl, recruitment events and training days, actual flag football games are coming to gay Atlanta. National Flag Football League of Atlanta is getting there one cocktail at a time.    READ MORE »

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Sunday Funday gets its Bowling, Beer & Boys

Of all the teams of gay Atlanta’s Hotlanta Softball League, there’s simply something extra fun about the Atlanta Titans. The team proved it again Sunday at a bowling beer bust bonanza.    READ MORE »

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Houston’s gay football jocks crown their champ

Inclement weather delayed the playoff championship last month, so even in chilly temps the Hurricanes Flag Football League of Houston was determined to make it happen. Saturday was worth the wait.    READ MORE »

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Gay football jocks do Super Bowl at Ten

Atlanta’s gay jocks come in every size, shape and sort. On Super Bowl Sunday, they all become football fans for a day and join National Flag Football League of Atlanta to celebrate the Big Game.    READ MORE »

Hawks pivot toward diversity to court gay fans

After months of embarrassing fallout from evidence of racism in management, the Atlanta Hawks is trying to win back public favor with a diversity game plan that includes LGBT fans.    READ MORE »

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Softball jocks train their new recruits for Opening Day

Gay Houston softball jocks turned out in large numbers for a skills session on Sunday during Recruitment Day as the Montrose Softball League readies for the start of a new season.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Bucks train their new rugby jocks

It's not all purple frocks and charity drag for the Atlanta Bucks. The gay rugby squad gets serious when it's game time, so the jocks spent Saturday training new recruits.    READ MORE »