Comedy Central stalwart’s “Make Bullying Kill Itself” video, speculation surfaces on gay Titanic couple, first gay federal hate crime indictment, DOMA challengers denied, North Carolina governor slams proposed marriage ban, gay PTA, and more LGBT headlines.

Kentucky cousins plead not guilty to first gay federal hate crime charges. After they attacked a gay man in an Appalachian park last year, David Jason Jenkins and Anthony Ray Jenkins (top photo, right-left) became the first defendants indicted for anti-gay bias under the federal hate crime statute. They entered not guilty pleas on Thursday.

New York group organizing PTA for gay students. The national Parent Teacher Association granted a charter to a Long Island group to address the needs of school-aged LGBT youth. The chapter is the first of its kind.

Seattle Catholic churches defy archbishop’s plea to repeal Washington gay marriage. At least five of the largest churches in the Seattle archdiocese are ignoring the archibishop’s push to circulate petitions that would overturn marriage equality in the state.

“Guiding Light” lesbian becomes “Bold and the Beautiful” lesbian. Apparently the go-to gay gal after her role as Olivia on “Light,” Crystal Chappell (middle photo) plays Daytime gay again beginning in May.

The Titanic’s presumed gay passengers. The centennial anniversary of the infamously sunk ocean liner provides the opportunity for gay historians to revisit spotty evidence that at least two of the doomed passengers were gay.

North Carolina governor says gay marriage ban would hurt lots of folks. With days before a vote on changing the state constitution to allow only straight marriages, outgoing Gov. Bev Purdue says not only is the ban “just plain wrong,” but it would harm women, children, unmarried couples, victims of domestic violence and others.

Federal court won’t expedite Massachusetts DOMA challenge. In the case brought by military plaintiffs who want spousal benefits, the court denied a motion on Thursday to move the deadline for House Republicans to intervene in the lawsuit from April 28 to April 20.

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“South Park” takes on bullying. Watch the new anti-bullying anthem “Make Bullying Kill Itself” that aired on this week’s episode of the long running Comedy Central hit (bottom photo).

Jenkins mug shots by U.S. Marshal’s Service; Chappell photo via SheWired; “South Park” still from Comedy Central