Smashing patriarchy and other worthy pastimes in this week’s Q

You’re a beautiful unique flower capable of anything you set your mind to do. It’s true, and we all deserve to hear it and say it often. But that’s the beginning, not the end of your story, and we all have one to tell.

This and every issue of Q celebrates the divine feminine and masculine while trying to tamp out the toxic versions that keep all of us down. This week, our 10 Things gets the cover treatment with ways to crush patriarchal traditions for the better of us all, no matter our gender, orientation, or sexuality. But like all of queer life in Atlanta, that’s just the tip of our coverage.

We also meet the diverse entertainers and fundraisers of CLUTCH, which entertains while raising money for richly diverse queer non-profits in Atlanta. Their mission to take events and fundraising “beyond drag and dance parties” is in our expanded Queer Agenda calendar this week. Mid-December also finds a queer prepper with paranoia-meets-reality gift ideas, a gay comic navigating gas lighting to get a dog, and a trans woman whose genitals are none of your business. We even taste real wine pairings you can remember based on the people you date, and visit GCB for last-minute shopping.

Speaking of the hustle and bustle, how is it that everyone is busier than everyone else? Why is your shit so unusual that no one else could ever get you? Worse, why do you seem to relish that these martyred circumstances somehow make you stand out in a good way? It’s called Terminal Uniqueness, a term originally coined for the lies we tell ourselves to stay helpless.

Don’t worry. You’re special in as much as we all are special. There’s a je ne sais quoi about your fabulous self that is undeniable, amazing, and worthy of celebration. But while our individual takes on life are extremely personal, they’re not unique. Accepting that allows us to embrace help when we need it, open up to the beauty of vulnerability, and even better, connect with others to help ease our beautiful burdens.

There’s a huge emotional investment in believing your life functions differently than others, but there’s a lot of good that comes from making like Elsa and letting it go. There’s work to do on issues and fun to be had, all of which you’ll find bits of in this and every issue of Q, and we’ll all benefit if you decide to get in on it.

You’re a beautiful unique flower capable of anything you set your mind to do. Now shut up, and put it to work on something for which we can all be proud. As always, we'll help you find ways and means in each issue. Pick up your copy and flip through the digital edition below.

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