Simone Bell, fresh from taking office as the state’s newest lawmaker, now faces the reality of politics: raising money and re-election.

Bell hasn’t yet cast her first vote in the Georgia General Assembly. In fact, she just won the District 58 post in the Dec. 1 runoff and was sworn into office Dec. 22. But she won a special election to fill the last year of a two-year term, which means she faces voters again in July. And like all state officeholders, she can’t raise campaign cash when the General Assembly is in session.

Lawmakers convene at the Gold Dome Monday for the start of their months-long session, leaving Bell little time to refill her campaign coffers. So a group of her LGBT supporters organized a fundraiser for Tuesday (Jan. 5) to celebrate her historic election as the nation’s first African-American lesbian state lawmaker. But beyond the congratulatory back-slapping, the event is also raising money for Bell.

Georgia Equality suggested its members donate $100 in an eblast Sunday:

The recent election of Simone Bell to State House was a historic victory for Georgia’s LGBT community. But even as we celebrate, Simone must begin focusing her energy on the upcoming re-election campaign. Because this was a special election, Simone must run for re-election in the general primaries this coming July.  At this point, we do anticipate that she will face one or more challengers.

Read the full event listing for the Swearing-In Celebration at Manuel’s on North Avenue. You can also view photos and watch video from Bell’s swearing-in ceremonies on Dec. 22 or visit her site to learn more about making a donation.