Former Atlanta Braves player Yunel Escobar wears “faggot” slur on his face, petition seeks gay Scouts leader’s reinstatement, One Direction singer’s fed up with “bullshit” gay rumors, gay couple sues restaurant, marriage equality could cost Obama black votes, and more LGBT headlines.

MLB shortstop’s eye-black says “You are a faggot.” Former Atlanta Braves and current Toronto Blue Jays player Yunel Escobar thought he’d intimidate opponents by scrawling “tu ere maricon” into his eye black (top photo). What he got instead was public outrage, a 3-game suspension by the team and the usual slur-and-sorry apology.

Petition wants gay Boy Scouts leader reinstated. Greg Bourke, a five-year BSA volunteer in Louisville, Ky., stepped down after the pastor at the church where his troop meets said they might lose their charter if he stayed. A petition for Bourke’s reinstatement already has 2,000 signatures. Good luck with that.

Gay couple sues restaurant for backing out of wedding parties. A Manhattan Asian fusion restaurant was initially set for Barrett Greene and Thomas Eng’s (second photo) rehearsal dinner and reception. Now the owner is being sued for cancelling because a gay wedding would be “bad for feng shui.”

Poll: Tammy Baldwin closer to becoming first gay senator. A new Democracy for America survey found the lesbian Congress member just three points ahead of her opponent, but it’s a gain from a dead heat. Her Republican opponent, former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, is also dropping in general favorability among voters, the poll shows.

“The New Normal’s” gay star says show will avoid stereotypes. Actor Andrew Rannells (third photo) says he understands critics are already bitching about how stereotypical his character is, but to stay tuned. “I can tell you, going forward, they’ve given me in particular some real range with this character,” Rannells says.

Will gay marriage support cost Obama black votes? That’s the burning question as the Congressional Black Caucus heads into its Washington conference this week. Caucus Chair Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) says the issue could cause a drop in African-American voter turnout.

Fed-up One Direction singer goes off about gay rumors. After patiently shrugging off rumors that he and boy-bandmate Harry Styles (bottom photo, right) are in a relationship, Louis Tomlinson (left) finally had enough of being called collectively “Larry Stylinson”: “’Larry’ is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. I’m happy, why can’t you accept that. Still months on reading ridiculous conspiracy theories. It’s upsetting that I have to read them daily.”

Chicago prosecutor stabbed defending gay couple in park. An unnamed 32-year-old employee at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office was attacked when he told two teens to stop harassing two gay men. The teens charged him, cutting him above one eye and stabbing him in the side. He is expected to recover.

Escobar photo via Yahoo!Sports; Greene-Eng photo by New York Daily News; Rannells photo from NBC; Tomlinson-Styles photo via Advocate