Super gay celebrity siblings list, disinterest kills Exodus “Love Won Out” conference, GOP freshman lonely in congressional gay rights, Romney wanted to keep gay staffer, North Carolina marriage, Shannen Doherty on old penises, and more LGBT headlines.

Mitt Romney wanted spokesgay to remain on campaign. The candidate (top photo) says he and several of his senior advisors tried to talk Richard Grenell into staying on the job. Grenell has indicated anti-gay critics forced him out. “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart says Grenell’s not wrong (watch).

Exodus International cancels “Love Won Out” ex-gay conference. The annual conference of the leading “ex-gay” group pulled the plug on its annual confab, set this year for Albequerque, due to declining attendance that makes it financially unfeasible. Aw, shoot.

Shannen Doherty talks gay. The “90210,” “Charmed” and now reality star (second photo) speaks with Gay Voices about marriage equality, WE’s “Shannen Says,” her bestie gay wedding planner, and her fear of elderly penises.

Could black vote sway North Carolina’s gay marriage vote? Two forces are working to influence the state’s African-American voters. Pastor Earl C. Johnson preaches 10 reasons to deny marriage equality. Pastor and state NAACP leader William Barber says the proposed Amendment 1 ban codifies discrimination.

10 Sexiest Celebrity Brothers include LGBTs. GayNet is after our own hearts with its list of sexy siblings. Alongside the Wahlbergs, Jonases, Iglesiases and Britain’s princes fall the brothers of “Avengers” Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, as well as some LGBTs, too: Colin Farrell and his gay brother Eamon (third photo), as well as Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman. Um, yeah.

Colorado civil unions bill passes biggest test yet. Already approved by the state Senate, the bill to recognize gay partnerships got a thumbs-up in a Republican led House Judiciary Committee, which has struck it down in previous years.

Chart-topping straight band plans marriage equality organization. The three members of the band fun (bottom photo) – lower case because it’s cool – plan to parlay their success with the song “We Are Young” into a non-profit to support legalizing marriage for gay couples.

Tea Party Republican lonely on gay rights in Congress. With a 21-year-old gay son, U.S. Rep Nan Hayworth is one of three GOP Congress members in the LGBT Equality Caucus, and the only freshman Tea Partier to support gay legislative efforts.

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Romney photo by AP; Doherty photo via Huffington Post; Farrell photo from Zimbio; fun photo via Washington Post