Universe explodes with Supreme Court gay marriage implications, bored Snowden reporters turn attention to gay man who outed NSA whistleblower-cum-turncoat, Barney Frank’s permanent Hill portrait, National HIV Testing Day, and more LGBT headlines.

SCOTUS on gay marriage Day 2. Amid celebrations and even more conservative wingnut freakouts (including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Tea Party douchebag with a Constitutional amendment and ugh Rand Paul) after the Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings, signs of future battles to come. Tossing in a sea of coverage are tempered reactions about the intersectionality of race, women’s and LGBT issues, the top 20 best federal marriage benefits of more than 1,000 available, questions on which couples qualify and when, how DOMA’s death might affect health care, and what it means for gay binational married couples. Don’t miss Justice Scalia’s (second photo) snarkiest dissent tidbits, and why Kennedy’s called the “first gay justice.”

Supreme Court turns away two gay rights cases for next session. Just when you thought it was SCOTUS break time, the court announced that it will not hear appeals in an Arizona case on gay state worker health benefits and a challenge to Nevada’s gay marriage ban.

Barney Frank portrait to watch over House Finance -- forever. The first openly gay Congress member and first one to be married to a same-sex spouse while in office chaired the Financial Services Committee before his retirement last year. His permanent portrait, revealed in the panel’s Capitol Hill chambers, pictures him with an American and a rainbow flag. There were even cookies in the likeness of the portrait (third photo).

Delaware marriages start Monday. While renewed interest in getting hitch sweeps across U.S. gay couples excited over the DOMA roadblock being lifted, don’t forget the sandy shores and eager hospitality of the newly minted gay marriage state.

It’s National HIV Testing Day. Here’s what it’s all about. Not like you need a special day of the year to make good on the old adage Knowledge Is Power. What, you do? Then go get tested in Atlanta.

Gay porn past of journalist who outed Edward Snowden.  Day 1 million of the NSA leak story gets bored and shifts focus to Glenn Greenwald (bottom photo). His career path to Guardian reporter included turning Hairy Jocks around financially, as well as a run for city council at age 17, an NYU law school education and later pro-bono legal representation of clients including Neo-Nazis. He also has a Brazilian boyfriend quite a bit his junior.

Arkansas group launches effort to overturn gay marriage ban. In light of Wednesday’s big SCOTUS news, a gay group began its campaign to challenge their state’s limit of the definition of marriage to one man and one woman.

Marriage photo via Time; Scalia by Fred Friendly; Frank from The Hill; Greenwald via Gawker