Sally dotes on gay son to Oprah, YouTube channel launches original gay content, Jet’s first gay wedding announcement, APA removes “disorder” from trans diagnoses, judge stays “ex-gay” ban, NYPD “Gets Better,” Barney Frank and more LGBT headlines.

Jet Magazine features its first gay couple in wedding section. The Dec. 10 issue’s Jet Love section highlights the wedding of Ravi Perry and Paris Prince (top photo), a Massachusetts couple married in August.

Judge puts California’s “conversion therapy” ban on temporary hold. A federal judge delayed enforcement for the three plaintiffs that are challenging the state’s law illegalizing “ex-gay” therapy for minors.

Sally Field tells Oprah all about her gay son. The two sat down Sunday (second photo) to tape an episode of OWN’s “Next Chapter.” During the interview, the actress talked about telling her son Sam’s story at an HRC dinner earlier this year: “It’s important to have a parent speak about racing a magnificent, proud, intelligent, funny, lovable, sexy gay son.”

GayTV: Logo founder launches gay YouTube channel Gwist. In January, gay exec Matt Farber and gay former Logo creative VP Brian Tolleson introduce 10 original shows to their online platform. Gwist stands for “TV with a gay twist.”

High school boys “punished” by being forced to hold hands. Two Arizona high school students were forced to hold hands in front of their classmates because they were fighting. Critics call the discipline (third photo) bullying because it subjected the students to taunting and anti-gay name-calling and promoted the idea that same-sex touching shameful.

Gay man charged with murder in Alabama. Zachary Stirewalt, 21, stands charged with fatally shooting a man who was allowing Stirewalt to share his mobile home. The victim, 43-year-old Daniel Turman, was dead with several gunshot wounds when police arrived at the home on Saturday. Police have not made public any evidence or possible motives for the shooting.

Barney Frank continues Reminiscent Tour 2012. Oh, he’s not done. You thought that the first openly gay Congress member had said all he had to say about retirement. In his most extensive interview to date, Frank goes all the way back to 1982 (fourth photo) with stories about his coming out process, including some funny quips about fellow legislators who knew.

Florida or Iceland? OutGames 2017. Miami Beach and Reykjavik are the two shortlisted cities left in contention to host the gay Olympic-style games. OutGames is run by the Gay & Lesbian International Sport Association and strikes Rome, Rio and Denver from contention to host. OutGames 2013 will be in Antwerp.

Transgender no longer classified as disorder. After a Saturday vote by members of the American Psychiatric Association, “Gender Dysphoria” replaces “Gender Identity Disorder” in the group’s diagnostic manual, declassifying the condition as a mental disease. Homosexuality was similarly declassified in 1973.

NYPD: “It Gets Better.” The department has come a long – long, long! – way since the raid on the Stonewall Inn. Now members of the New York Police Department’s Gay Officers Action League (bottom photo) add their voices to encourage LGBT youth.

Field-Winfrey photo from OWN; Perry-Prince photo via Jet; hand holding photo by KNXV; Frank photo via Washington Post; NYPD photo from YouTube