Tyler Clementi’s convicted roommate says he’s sorry, watch filmmaker defend gay brother, Americans jailed for “buggery” in Caribbean, New Hampshire defeats marriage repeal bill, NOM’s “Dump Starbucks” boycott, and more LGBT headlines.

New Hampshire House kills gay marriage repeal. Even with a Republican majority that pushed hard to revert back to civil unions for gay couples (top photo), the repeal bill is dead. Activists on both sides are pledging big bucks to re-elect legislators who voted their way.

Gay men on Caribbean cruise busted for “buggery.” Oops. Sex between men is illegal on the island of Dominica. Police boarded the Celebrity Summit ship and arrested the California couple after someone saw them doing it on the deck. They could face jail time.

Rutgers spycam convict: “Very sorry about Tyler.” Dahrun Ravi (second photo) speaks after last week’s hate crime conviction for training a webcam on dorm mate Tyler Clementi’s liaison with another man. The series of events ended in Clementi’s suicide. “I didn’t hate Tyler,” he says on his plans to appeal.

NOM launches “Dump Starbucks.” In the face of defeat, National Organization for Marriage will launch ads against the coffee giant for its support of the new marriage law in Washington state. HRC pledges ad money to counteract it.

“Happy Ending” actor to star in comedy with Jane Lynch. Adam Pally (top photo), who plays the unconventional gay character Max on the sitcom, says, “They asked me and I was like, ‘Yeah, I will do whatever you guys want! I will show up as a key grip.” The film “A.C.O.D.” also stars Amy Poehler and Adam Scott from “Parks & Recreation.”

Chance of Obama endorsing gay marriage: “50/50.” An anonymous, intimate White House source says the administration is in constant talks about it but fears a voting backlash in battleground states. A “’major pro-gay initiative’ before the election” could come too. “My feeling is you’ll get one, you won’t get both before Election Day,” the source says. Meanwhile, White House says Mrs. Obama did not directly endorse gay marriage.

Lesbians fighting for divorce in Maryland. Jessica Port and Virginia Anne Cowan were married in California in 2008. Even though their state has an approved marriage law pending for next year, a judge called their divorce “unnatural” and they’re having to sue as a team in order to separate.

Kevin Smith to anti-gay haters: “Stay out of my brother’s bedroom, buddy.” The “Jay & Silent Bob” creator (bottom photo) railed against religious and social pressures while pointing up his gay brother’s 20-year relationship. Watch:

New Hampshire photo via New York Daily; Ravi photo by New Jersey Star-Ledger; Pally photo from ABC; Smith still via CNN