Gay actor says nothing worse than gay parents, right wingnuts assert slain ambassador was gay and blame Obama for the killing, watch newly out singer Frank Ocean open “SNL” season, Values Voters gaffes, NBC buys Ellen sitcom, and more LGBT headlines.

Right-wing titillated: Slain ambassador may have been gay. Bloggers from the Tea Party, fringe Christianity and the radical right spent the weekend claiming that U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens (top photo), who was killed at the American Consulate in Libya, was gay and targeted for it. Despite no evidence, the argument became an excuse to blame the president, the secretary of state and Democratic policies for the killing.

Furor fades year after DADT repeal. Thursday marks the anniversary of lifting the U.S. military ban on openly gay troops. The Pentagon says it’s a success on all fronts, and visibility, including the military’s “first gay this and first lesbian that,” has skyrocketed.

Rupert Everett blasts gay parents. The openly gay actor (second photo) said his mother met his partner but “still wishes I had a wife and kids.” Then he drew global fire for this: “She thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her. I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.”

Student essays make gay marriage personal. Some 250 high school kids wrote their thoughts and personal stories on the topic as their entry fee to a production of “8,” the play detailing the trial that declared California’s ban on marriage for gay couples unconstitutional.

Ellen Degeneres sells sitcom to NBC. The lesbian entertainer (third photo) got the green light to produce an as-yet-untitled or casted pilot for fall 2013 about a single independent 32-year-old woman re-evaluating her priorities.

Mitt Romney channels Santorum for anti-gay backup. The GOP presidential candidate didn’t attend the wingnut Values Voters Summit like his running mate Paul Ryan did, but he did provide a video for the convention in which he used a specious study oft-quoted by his former primary opponent to back his views. Santorum to Values Voters: We’ll never have “smart people on our side.”

Oklahoma judge denies transgender name changes. Peppering his decisions with bible verses, Oklahoma County district judge and former state legislator Bill Graves calls the requests “fraudulent.” The newspaper reporting it makes matters worse by using the wrong pronouns and gender references.

Frank Ocean brings it on “SNL” premiere. The Hip Hop and R&B frontman (bottom photo) who came out as gay just before the release of his solo album “Channel Orange,” did two numbers as musical guest on the show’s 38th season debut. Here’s “Thinking About You”:

Stevens photo via Huffington Post; Everett photo by Sunday Times; Degeneres photo via Deadline; Ocean photo from NBC