‘RuPaul’s’ Aja busts out her Pride moves for Burkhart’s

The fierce attitude and determination of Brooklyn queen Aja was on full tilt Friday as a two-night stint with the former “RuPaul’s Drag Race” queen helped kick off Pride Weekend in Atlanta at Burkhart’s.

It was the same qualities that made her a must-see TV personality from the get-go of Season 9, a position that was permanently cemented into “Drag Race” lore with her quote of jealous indignation: “You’re perfect. You’re beautiful. You look like Linda Evangelista. You’re a model.”

This time, the spotlight and praise was all Aja’s. She made the most of it with the casts of Dance Floor Divas on Thursday and Femme Fatale on Friday. She brought the Pride heat working the space from the rafters to dropping it like it was hot all the way down on the floor. Leave it to Burkhart’s to come in hot on Pride and not let up all weekend.

Photos by Russ Youngblood