imageSinger names his price to have sex with a man, Chicago cardinal reiterates gays-Klan comparison, media coverage of transgender woman’s death sparks outrage, Ron Paul’s new anti-gay endorsement, Barnes & Noble yanks calendar, and more LGBT headlines.

Chicago cardinal repeats gay-Klan analogy. Not content to slink away after a lame attempt to soften his remarks comparing Pride parade participants to the Ku Klux Klan, Cardinal Francis George (top photo) decided it was a good idea to repeat the analogy on Tuesday in an official statement on the archdiocese’s website.

Ron Paul touts endorsement by preacher who favors gay death penalty. The hits just keep on coming against the Libertarian-leaning reputation of the GOP candidate, whose Iowa camp is talking up an endorsement of Rev. Phillip Kayser, who backs capital punishment for “unrepentant” gay people.

Critics bash media coverage of woman killed because she was transgender. Kansas City, Kan., outlets used male pronouns and the birth name of Dee Dee Pearson, who was gunned down on Christmas Eve after a man who claims he paid to have sex with Pearson discovered that she was biologically male. Papers also characterized Pearson as a prostitute on the word of the suspect.

image Robbie Williams says he would go gay for pay. In an online conversation, the sexy married singer who has dodged gay rumors his entire career (middle photo), named his price: About $3 million, with a discount for Brad Pitt. Keep those dreams alive, gay fans.

Barnes & Noble pulls anti-gay “Sissy” calendar. After two days of harsh criticism and an online war of words with cartoonist Joe King over his “I’m Not Gay; I’m Just a Sissy” calendar, the bookseller removed the item from sale on its site. Amazon is also being targeted for offering the calendar.

ESPN Magazine: Time for gay pro athletes to come out. In a column cleverly called “Wait of the world,” sports writer Howard Bryant argues eloquently that “2011 was an ideal year for a pioneering gay athlete to emerge. So where were they?”

image Former Mr. Gay UK back on beat after rape charges cleared. Mark Carter (bottom photo), the winner of the 2006 title, returned to work as a police officer this week. A court found him not guilty in June of charges that he raped a man and sexually assaulted two others in 2009.

New York GOP senators who voted for gay marriage see little backlash. Three of the four Republican senators who voted with Democrats to legalize gay marriage in New York report that the fall-out, including heckling in some Republican circles, has been mininimal over their decision to cross party lines. The fourth senator hasn’t commented on reaction to casting a yay for gay.

Francis photo from WLS-TV; Williams photo via Huffington Post-UK; Carter photo from Pink News