“Project Runway’s” Alicia talks Original Tomboy, hackers make mobile road work sign flash “God hates gays,” Democrats write DOMA repeal into party platform, NOM pays pastors for race-wedging, Chick-fil-A fallout on both sides, and more LGBT headlines.

Out “Project Runway” contestant walks the walk. Alicia Hardesty, designer of the Original Tomboy line, talks about lesbian fashion, being out on TV, and why designers can’t make a good pair of women’s pants.

Democrats to weigh DOMA repeal in party platform. We already knew that support for state gay marriages was up for consideration when DNC leaders meet before their national convention. An early release of the specific language reveals that the draft also calls to strike the federal ban on recognizing such unions.

Dallas cop investigated for Chick-fil-A intimidation. Two lesbian officers allege that their superior officer, Sgt. Mark Johnson, brought a Chick-fil-A sandwich back to the station, plopped the bag in front of the women and made offensive remarks. Later, he stared them down while reading a detailed account of a planned kiss-in protest. Johnson is on jail duty pending an investigation.

Mobile construction sign hacked with hate. Some street sign technician or technicians in Provo, Utah, used their occupational media to spread a hateful message: “God hates Gays” (middle photo). The Utah DOT is on the case.

Anti-gay pastors profit from NOM’s race-wedging strategy. Harry Jackson and and John Owens have been at the heart of preaching anti-Obama messages to their largely African-American congregants based on the president’s LGBT support. Now it comes out that the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has been paying them handsomely for it.

Gay artist arrested for Chick-fil-A vandalism. Manuel Castro admitted to painting “Tastes like hate” on the side of his local chicken bigot restaurant, but police independently confirmed him as their suspect Thursday. They’re also looking at a second person who may have played a role in the vandalism.

Madonna makes good on Russian revolt. After a public relations blitz leading up to her concert in Saint Petersburg, the Material Girl did indeed distribute pink wristbands in solidarity with gays and spoke out for gay rights, a violation of local law. City officials say they’ll take her or the concert organizers to court.

“Hateful” Hispanic talk show “José Luis Sin Censura” cancelled. A combined effort by gay group GLAAD and the Hispanic Media coalition convinced the broadcast company that distributes EstrellaTV to more than 30 U.S. markets to remove the virulently anti-gay show and host Jose Luis (bottom photo) from the program schedule.

Bar owner denies telling gay customers to stay away. Defending against a discrimination complaint, Chris Penner, the owner of Portland, Oregon’s The P Club, says he didn’t tell a gay party not to come in because the bar was getting a reputation as a “tranny” or gay bar.

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Hardesty photo by Bravo; Provo photo from YouTube; Luis photo via Passport magazine