Everyone’s been there: The moment you realize you never want another date with this person. Whether it’s proof positive that he’s insane or a pet peeve that will eventually make you the crazy one, everyone has dealbreakers.

Cute gay comic Rob Anderson understands. Gleaned from real-life bad dates, he plays the dating game to comic effect as part of his YouTube series. Some of his examples in the video above are spot on, and some seem awfully petty to be actual dealbreakers. All of them are funny.

But let’s be clear. This isn’t about how tiny the infraction is. If you can’t stand that cackling laugh, it’s valid to you even if your friends say that you’re being too picky. Of course, it goes both ways. You might actually be the dealbreaker. Watch out if you’re the guy who’d rather text than have a conversation or plays on your phone during dates – especially if it’s on Grindr.

Watch the video, then leave a comment below: What are your dealbreakers?