Gay-friendly state Rep. Ralph Long’s path to re-election is already tough: He faces popular lesbian Rep. Simone Bell in a reconfigured district. And now he’s going after a gay man’s best friend – his dog. Long is proving to be quite the brawler.

How all this shakes out won’t be seen until the July 31 primary. But for a guy who’s already called Georgia Equality a bunch of anti-straight “bigots,” now he’s in another fight. This one is with his neighbor in southwest Atlanta. The result: Long doesn’t hold punches and that could turn his matchup against Bell into a knock down, drag out, block-by-block brawl. Long’s certainly getting plenty of practice.

He was in court – twice – last week to follow up on complaints that his neighbor lets his three Pit Bulls roam freely, endangering him, his son and anyone else around. A few days later, Long and the same neighbor – Mattie Brown – were back in court for a separate case in which Long says a party was too loud and went too late.

For her part, Brown fired back with allegations that Long sprayed some sort of chemical on her guests from a window in his home after he recorded the party and called police. She filed an arrest warrant against Long in June.

A judge sided with Long in the dog dispute, finding Brown’s son guilty on four counts and handing down an $800 fine, according to WSB.

In June, Long blasted statewide gay rights lobby Georgia Equality for endorsing Bell over him and called the group “bigots” and “hypocrites.” Brown called Long a “nut” and “liar.”

Well, well. This District 58 race might heat up just yet. But is blasting an LGBT group and targeting dogs the way to win it?