Often nude Scissor Sisters frontman says he hates getting naked, untapped gay TV potential in fall lineup, West Hollywood makes rainbow streets permanent, Barney Frank endorses straight Dem over gay Republican, and more top LGBT headlines.

Gay TV potential not fully realized. Look at fall premieres of NBC’s “The New Normal” and CBS’s “Partners” hails inclusion but argues stereotypes and “even the novelty of a ‘gay show’” are tired concepts. “Ugly Betty” gay Michael Urie talks about his lead role in “Partners” (photo). Over in niche television, Here!TV keeps it gay and swipes at Logo. Of course, there’s always “The X Factor.”

Minnesota marriage lawsuit moves forward. Even as voters prep for the polls to deny marriage equality in the state’s constitution, an appeals court sent the case of three gay couples against the state’s existing gay marriage ban back to the judge that threw it out.

Gay vs. gay. Barney Frank comes out swinging against gay GOP candidate. Richard Tisel is one of gay Republicans’ brightest hopes for Congress, but old guard gay Democrat Barney Frank says a vote for Tisel is a vote toward a Republican majority that will block advancements on gay rights. Tisel says he can help move the GOP closer to center.

West Hollywood makes rainbow crosswalks permanent. The decorated footpaths (middle photo) went up in June to honor Pride. The city council approved a permanent installation to help market the city as an LGBT tourist destination.

Washington anti-discrimination law not retroactive. The state Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that lesbian University of Washington employee Debra Loeffelholz is not entitled to sue for a hostile anti-gay work environment over incidents that began in 2003. The ruling states that until 2006, the harassment “was merely reprehensible, not unlawful.”

Mom who wanted to raise kid as transgender loses custody. The mom won sole custody from her ex husband of their infant daughter in 2006. In 2010 when the child was 5, the mom announced that the child was trans and would be raised as a boy. A court backed the dad’s assertion of a misdiagnosis and restored shared custody.

Jake Shears uncomfortable with his naked body. The Scissor Sisters’ gay frontman (bottom photo) and former go-go boy discusses his body image issues and overall discomfort with nudity. You’d never know it with all those naked photo shoots, escort-site ads, and self-tweeted nude pics. You know every link in this item may be NSFW, right?

School cancels cosmetology program to keep gays out. The principal of the Taylor Career Center in Texas decided he’d rather shut down the program than have “flamboyantly gay guys” included.

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Crosswalk photo from City of West Hollywood; Urie photo via CBS; Shears photos by Butt magazine