Watch videos of all-star “8” performance and NHL’s anti-homophobia campaign, meet the transgender woman who helped raise a president, Kirk Cameron rails on gays and Santorum would un-marry them, lesbian custody case could change the law, plus more LGBT headlines.

Rick Santorum would un-marry gay couples if elected. More than 100,000 legally hitched same-sex couples would lose their marriage licenses if the candidate (top photo) wins and gets his way. Maybe they’ll fight about it in Atlanta’s Santorum-Soulforce bus tour showdown today.

Lesbian custody case in Florida a big fight over a little egg. One partner donated the egg, and the other gave birth to the baby. The latter took off with their child upon their breakup. A state Supreme Court decision could redefine what it means to be a biological mother.

Kirk Cameron calls gay marriage “unnatural,” “detrimental,” “destructive.” The former “Growing Pains” child star and outspoken evangelical (second photo) infuriated gay activists in a Piers Morgan interview that aired Friday.

Tour of Dahmer haunts pisses off relatives of victims. Protestors including the sister of one of the notorious gay serial killer’s victims followed a tour of Jeffrey Dahmer’s hunting and killing grounds shouting that it makes a macabre mockery of the victim’s torment.

Obama’s transgender nanny remembers him fondly. When the president lived in Indonesia as a child, his caretaker was Evie (third photo), who says the would-be world leader laughed when she tried on his mother’s lipstick. Evie also tells her life story of ridicule and being ostracized.

Lesbian, bisexual vie for “America’s Next Top Model.” Cycle 18 of the guilty pleasure series features two LGBT contestants. 20-year-old Laura identifies as “a true bisexual,” and 25-year-old AzMarie is an out lesbian.

All-star cast performs “8” play on Prop 8 trial. Dustin Lance Black’s play, taken from the transcripts of the federal case that declared California’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, was performed live on YouTube with cast members including George Clooney and Brad Pitt (bottom photo), as well as Martin Sheen, Jane Lynch, Kevin Bacon and more. Watch the full-length reading:

NHL All-Stars back anti-homophobia campaign. The “You Can Play” campaign seeks to change hockey’s locker room culture, and a spot featuring big-name players in support of the initiative aired during the Rangers-Bruins game Sunday on NBC. Watch:


Santorum photo via San Francisco Chronicle; Cameron photo from CNN; Evie and Pitt-Clooney photos by AP