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Evander Holyfield’s punch drunk gay apology

Atlanta’s own boxing bigot owes you an apology. But taking a page out of the slur-then-sorry playbook, Evander Holyfield feels worse about the publicity than for the error of his ways.    READ MORE »

Evander Holyfield’s son digs anti-gay hole deeper

In an effort to defend his father’s bigotry heard ‘round the world, Ewin Holyfield says his famous father Evander is not anti-gay. Then goes on an anti-gay rant of his own to prove it.    READ MORE »

Let gay football stud Alan Gendreau sing you all the way ‘Home’

Let gay football stud Alan Gendreau sing you all the way ‘Home’

Sing Michael Buble to me, Alan Gendreau. The kicker who was touted as our best chance for an out gay NFL jock, will focus for now on singing. And we’re fine with that.    READ MORE »

Meet the gay apologist for the Atlanta Braves move to Cobb
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Meet the gay apologist for the Atlanta Braves move to Cobb

The Braves shocked Atlanta on Monday with a surprise divorce, giving up its Turner Field home so it can shack up in Cobb. But at least this attractive gay guy was dispatched to try and soothe upset Braves fans. Or the gay ones anyway.    READ MORE »

Gay fans finally get in Cristiano Ronaldo’s briefs

With the introduction of sexy Portuguese soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo’s new CR7 line, the gay sub-genre of celebrity hunk underwear gets its latest inductee. And we’ve got video and photos.    READ MORE »

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Watch Ben Cohen strip to tease 2014 calendar

You love a gay-friendly jock–in his briefs, in the gym and in the shower. That goes double for rugby stud Ben Cohen, who delivers for 2014 with another sexy calendar for gay fans.    READ MORE »

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Braves fans go anti-gay over GLAAD Spirit Day

The Atlanta Braves stood up against bullying for GLAAD Spirit Day on Thursday and their fans reacted–harshly. By bullying the Braves with anti-gay rants.    READ MORE »

Add Olympic stud to this athlete ally Crush List

It’s only been a couple of years since all gay male sports fans had were a handful of straight jocks outspoken about their gay support. With a new guy on board, here are 17 super hot ways that's changed.    READ MORE »

Which Atlanta Braves jock sports the best abs?

The Atlanta Braves, ever sensitive to the team's image among LGBT fans, ought to try more of this: Elliot Johnson tweeting shirtless pics of his teammates.    READ MORE »

Ben Cohen tops LGBT Pride Night with Braves
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Ben Cohen tops LGBT Pride Night with Braves

Gay Atlanta Braves fans caught everything Ben Cohen was pitching at Out in the Stands on Tuesday. But the cuddle bear ally brought his own catcher this year: Out former Major League Baseball player Billy Bean.    READ MORE »

Falcons player: No gay jocks near my kids

Atlanta Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel appeared on ESPN to elaborate on his diss of gay athletes. He couldn't help himself: “Sports and sexuality is not a combination." And the children!    READ MORE »

Falcons player to gay jocks: Don’t ‘flaunt it’

The reaction to former Hawks center Jason Collins coming out ran from open embrace to bigoted disdain. That's the same mix a pro jock might receive among Atlanta's pro sports franchises, too.    READ MORE »

Hawks ‘respect’ Jason Collins for coming out

The Atlanta Hawks praised former center Jason Collins on Monday after he became the first active NBA player to come out as gay. Not everyone was so welcoming.    READ MORE »

Former Hawks center now NBA’s first gay player

Veteran NBA center Jason Collins, who played for the Atlanta Hawks as late as last year, came out as gay on Monday, becoming the first openly gay male athlete in U.S. professional sports.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Falcon Ray Edwards kicks it with gays

Hunky Atlanta Falcon Ray Edwards, his pierced nipples and his sexy package want you to know that he’s OK with the gays. Just don’t gawk too long at his biceps, abs or sexting pics.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Hawks crank up their hunk factor

Gay basketball fans in Atlanta have had little to get excited over since the arrival of hottie Al Horford in 2007. But the Hawks hunk factor is about to get a boost. Welcome to the ATL, Kyle Korver.    READ MORE »

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John Rocker: I’m not an anti-gay dick anymore

Roid rager and mesh shirt aficionado John Rocker is ready to make nice with the gays he insulted with his dickish comments as an Atlanta Braves pitcher, so he kissed the ring of a CNN gay.    READ MORE »

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Gays love when Ben Cohen pitches [photos]

Sexy cuddle bear Ben Cohen played pitcher and Atlanta’s gays caught everything he threw Wednesday during a fundraiser for his anti-bullying group and as he threw out the first pitch for the Braves.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Falcon Roddy White’s anti-gay tweet

Do we need to teach a course on how to act on Twitter? For some public figures like Falcons receiver Roddy White with hundreds of followers, lesson one might be: People are watching.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Braves pay penance to gay fans [photos]

The Atlanta Braves broke a four-game losing streak with flair on Tuesday, leaving gay fans in the stands wondering if the playoff-bound team was showing off just for them. You wish.    READ MORE »