Midfielder Robbie Rogers reveals he’s gay, twin bills would expand gay soldiers partner benefits, Facebook yanks gay barebacking page, Jillian Michaels wouldn’t bang Rachel Maddow, another Azalea Banks “faggot” tear, Valentine rallies and more LGBT headlines.

Pro soccer player Robbie Rogers comes out, quits game. In a blogpost called “The Next Chapter,” the 25-year-old former MLS player and U.S. national team midfielder (top photo) comes out as gay and says he’s leaving soccer, citing some drama about returning to the U.S. after some time playing in England.

Valentine marriage rally at Minnesota capitol. To kick off a push for legalization in the state legislature, an estimated hundreds of gay marriage supporters packed the state capitol rotunda in St. Paul on Thursday (second photo). A less hopeful Valentine’s Day rally in Virginia decried failure to lift a state ban on gay marriage.

Facebook shuts down “Bareback” page. Before you just say “good,” it’s worth noting that it drew 20,000 “likes” since its 2011 inception. It went unnoticed by Facebook until a gay media outlet posted about its potential for harm and a fierce debate boiled over.

House re-introduces bill to expand military partner benefits. Some 40 members of the U.S. House have signed onto a new version of the Military Spouses Equal Treatment Act, which would add even more rights to same-sex spousal benefits extended by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta this week. The Senate version hit on Thursday. The bills are considered stopgaps while the Supreme Court weighs DOMA.

eHarmony: Gay marriage “damaged our company.” He’s talking again. Site co-founder Neil Clark Warren brings up the past and pisses off gay people all over again. He once spouted bigotry to back barring gay daters until a New Jersey court found that discriminatory. Then his anti-gay brethren picketed so hard against gay inclusion that he had to hire security. It still stings, apparently, and he’s still trying to “figure out homosexuality.”

Azealea Banks still thinks she’s down enough to use “faggot.” Last month, the would-be rap star (third photo) got attention with the word then fed it by saying she’s so gay friendly that it’s OK. On Thursday, she revived it in a Twitter beef with “Harlem Shake” artist Bauer. “you guys are all fagots… May you drown in faggotry.” Classy.

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Rachel Maddow doesn’t do it for Jillian Michaels. In case you were wondering, the lesbian “Biggest Loser” trainer and proud gay mom shakes her head at the thought of sexing up the outspoken gay MSNBC anchor. Condoleeza Rice she’d totally do. Curiously, “The Big Bang Theory’s” Melissa Rauch says she would “jump on that” about Maddow. It’s all courtesy Andy Cohen. Watch:

Rogers photo via YahooNews; rally photo by WDAZ; Banks photo from Billboard