Out releases list of most powerful gays, same-sex couples twice as likely to be interracial than straight married couples, watch humorist Simon Doonan teach Conan O’Brien about man boobs, medical homophobia, gay inmate discrimination, presbytery split, and more LGBT headlines.

Gay son of Klansman runs for Kansas House. At a Thursday rally against religious exemptions for anti-gay discrimination, Erich Bishop (top photo) announced plans to run against a vehement socially conservative incumbent who backs the bill. “To call my household as a child racist and homophobic would be an understatement. My father rightly faced opposition from people like you.”

Nebraska silence on anti-gay coach hurts gay athletes, school. By all-but ignoring assistant football coach Ron Brown’s crusade against gay rights, University of Nebraska officials send the message to potential gay recruits and students to think twice about the school’s official “open and welcoming policy.

Study: Gay couples more likely to be interracial. UCLA’s Williams Institute puts out its latest analysis on gay stuff in the 2010 census by revealing that gay couples are twice as likely – more than one in five – to be of two races or ethnicities than opposite-sex married couples.

Tim Cook, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper top ‘Out Power 50.’ Apple CEO Cook took the top spot for the second year in a row in Out Magazine’s sixth annual list of America’s most powerful gays (middle photo). It also includes gay Atlanta’s own Don Lemon.

Is there homophobia in medicine? This time, it’s not about LGBT patients, who are slowly but surely finding more culturally competent healthcare. This is about discrimination against gay doctors and nurses who are discouraged from practicing medicine.

Case dismissed against California gay inmate discrimination. A public defender filed a motion to reconsider his quest to set right the system in Riverside County that denies a taxpayer-funded substance abuse program to gay inmates.

Washington presbytery releases four anti-gay churches. The regional branch of the Presbyterian Church USA in Tacoma unceremoniously gave four congregations the dismissal they sought in response to pro-gay Presbyterian policies on clergy and marriage.

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Simon Doonan educates Conan on man boobs. The Barney’s style guru and big gay humorist (photo) pimped his book “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat” and hilariously railed on the man boob epidemic Thursday, giving Conan O’Brien more than he bargained for. Watch:

Bishop photo by Topeka Capitol Journal; “Power 50” photos from Out; Doonan photo via TBS