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Top Georgia Democrat urges LGBTs to take action

The top Democrat in the Georgia House urged LGBTQ activists in her party to educate lawmakers about transgender issues and brace themselves for possible legislation targeting bathrooms and adoptions.    READ MORE »

LGBT-friendly Democrats seek Tom Price’s Atlanta seat

A trio of Democrats hopes to provide an LGBT-inclusive and progressive alternative to Republicans in a crowded race to fill the metro Atlanta seat of U.S. Rep. Tom Price, an anti-gay GOP lawmaker likely to join the Trump Administration.    READ MORE »

Progressives push for LGBT-inclusive civil rights bill in Georgia

Georgia Equality and progressive allies went on the offensive, arguing that Georgia needs a statewide non-discrimination law and not another anti-LGBT 'religious freedom' bill.    READ MORE »

Gov. Deal: Focus on future, not anti-LGBT bill

Gov. Nathan Deal's agenda for the new legislative session doesn't include a return to controversial anti-LGBT 'religious freedom' legislation that he vetoed just months ago.    READ MORE »

Georgia House Speaker strikes gay-inclusive tone

House Speaker David Ralston reached out to LGBT Georgians on Monday, a surprising nod to inclusion at a time of heightened anxiety over whether lawmakers will pursue anti-gay legislation.    READ MORE »

Josh McKoon launches his push for anti-LGBT bill

State Sen. Josh McKoon launched his push for 'religious freedom' legislation on Tuesday, ignoring past calls for LGBT protections as he tries for the fourth consecutive year to pass his bill.    READ MORE »

Georgia voters don’t support anti-LGBT bill

The fight against another anti-LGBT 'religious freedom' bill from state lawmakers gained a new ally: Georgia voters. They're telling lawmakers not to bother.    READ MORE »

Georgia GOP leaders reject anti-LGBT legislation

Top Republicans under the Gold Dome made it clear Thursday that 'religious freedom' and other anti-LGBT measures won’t be a priority during the legislative session that opens next week.    READ MORE »

Meet the gay Realtor running for Atlanta City Council

A gay Atlanta real estate agent is launching a campaign for the Atlanta City Council, hoping to continue a 20-year tradition of an LGBT person filling the District 6 post.    READ MORE »

Alex Wan launches bid for Atlanta City Council president

Alex Wan made history when he was elected as the first gay man and Asian American on the Atlanta City Council. Now, he hopes to do it again – this time as City Council president.    READ MORE »

LGBT lawmakers warn against ‘vicious’ anti-gay bills in Georgia

Georgia's LGBT lawmakers issued a stern warning to their colleagues at the Gold Dome: Spare the state from an anti-LGBT bill like the one that has plunged North Carolina into political and economic trouble.    READ MORE »

Georgia legislators want anti-LGBT law like North Carolina

The lesson some Georgia lawmakers learned from North Carolina descending into political chaos this week was this: Move forward with an anti-LGBT law that has cost the Tar Heel state millions of dollars in lost jobs, events and boycotts.    READ MORE »

Top Ga. Democrat wants LGBTs in civil rights bill

The top Democrat in the Georgia House said it's time for lawmakers to pass a statewide civil rights bill and that it should include protections for LGBTQ people.    READ MORE »

Gay Democrat denounced by ex Ga. lawmaker

A gay Democratic political activist in Southwest Georgia was attacked for his sexual orientation by a former state lawmaker concerned that the 19-year-old man was running for a seat with the county party.    READ MORE »

Faith leaders, activists prepare for anti-trans bills

Transgender activists and leaders are gearing up to respond to any North Carolina House Bill 2 copycat bills that may come to Georgia when lawmakers return to the State Capitol next month.    READ MORE »

LGBT group braces for anti-gay legislative fight

Anti-LGBT legislation could take many forms at the State Capitol during the 2017 legislative session, and Georgia Equality and its partners are gearing up for a fight.    READ MORE »

Josh McKoon worried about ‘aggressive’ LGBTs

The Georgia lawmaker who sponsors anti-gay 'religious freedom' bills promises to wage the battle again, arguing 'people of faith have been under assault' and that LGBT people don't face discrimination.    READ MORE »

Georgia House leader wants to avoid anti-gay bill

House Speaker David Ralston sent a loud message to backers of anti-gay “religious freedom” proposals: Leave it to the feds and avoid a fourth year of contentious debate over the legislation.    READ MORE »

ATL business group pledges to fight anti-gay bills

The Metro Atlanta Chamber ­– a business group influential in fighting anti-gay “religious freedom” legislation – offered a bit of advice to Georgia lawmakers: Don’t even bother with it in 2017.    READ MORE »

Meet the gay civic activist running for South Fulton mayor

Rafer Johnson campaigned for the creation of the new City of South Fulton. Now, the gay civic activist and Delta flight attendant wants to be its first mayor.    READ MORE »