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Henry’s whips out its Big Deck anniversary party

As much as the deck, dining and drinks are entrenched as staples in gay Atlanta, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since Henry’s claimed its piece of gay 10th Street for its very own.    READ MORE »

Camp queens strut for a crown in East Atlanta

Campy queens from the Hotlanta Softball League strutted their gown-clad stuff on Saturday as they fought – OK, drank – their way to the crown.    READ MORE »

Ready 4 Hope hunks party with purpose poolside

Those sexy Ready 4 Hope guys, always willing to pull on their harness, chow down on barbecue or slip into their swimsuits, partied poolside for a cause on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Atlanta gay chamber fetes its LGBT business pros

Taking care of business is the name of the game for Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. That goes double on the group’s annual Community Awards night celebrating its members.    READ MORE »

Bob Gibeling rallies supporters for House race

Gay candidate Bob Gibeling rallied with supporters on Wednesday as his race for the state House heats up just weeks ahead of the November election.    READ MORE »

Other Show continues its bawdy romp at Jungle

The campy queens of the Other Show worked their weekly best on Friday, again showing how they keep it fresh and why their fans give them more than just tips.    READ MORE »

Birthday bash makes for wild night at MSR

You know you’re doing things right when your gay bar has been going strong for 18 years. That’s why the ladies of My Sister’s Room in East Atlanta had plenty to celebrate on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Gay jocks put final spin on summer softball

Softball in gay Atlanta said so long to summer on Saturday, and for Hotlanta Softball League, the perfect recipe for fun starts with a beer bust. Stir in awards and donations, then mix well.    READ MORE »

Arts fest makes Piedmont Park’s weekend so gay

As if prime Midtown real estate, jogging jocks and being on Pride’s home turf weren’t enough, a gay tour of Atlanta’s parks made Piedmont Park a little gayer over the weekend.    READ MORE »

Gay porn stars and sex toys set Eagle on edge

What happens when you mix demos by an adult toy shop, music by a porn star-turned-DJ and Atlanta’s leather bar? You’re waging Warfare: Fort Troff Night at the Eagle, that’s what.    READ MORE »

Gay jocks come together to kick off fall softball

Just when you thought gay softball was over, the teams of Atlanta’s two gay leagues warmed up over the weekend for an autumn full of games and beer busts with – what else? – a beer bust.    READ MORE »

ATL’s gay kink fest grinds and binds all weekend

Atlanta Eagle was a bustling hub of activity this weekend during Atlanta’s annual Southeast Black & Blue Weekend. But the moans and groans really came out during the Grind Pigg Dance.    READ MORE »

Dancing queens diva-bomb Jungle Whitney night

It was right, and it was more than OK. Legendary remix producer and circuit DJ Chris Cox returned to Atlanta behind one of his star-making divas Saturday on what would have been her 51st birthday.    READ MORE »

Double the beats, double the Sunday fun at Ten

What turns an average Sunday into Sunday Funday? Good friends, plenty of cocktails and double the music. Ten Atlanta delivered just that over the weekend.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Bucks train their rugby recruits

The gay ruggers of the Atlanta Bucks polished their skills and trained some rookie recruits on Saturday as the squad preps for its trip to Sydney for the gay world championships.    READ MORE »

Ben DelaCreme brings it to ATL’s Fantasy Girls

Fans of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” love it when Atlanta alums host visiting queens from recent seasons. Enter Jungle’s Fantasy Girls show with Ben DelaCreme as the headliner.    READ MORE »

Gay garden party trades backpacks for brunch

With a second-year take on its 9-year-old event, Backpack in the Park is more brunch than carnival these days. But the gay leadership and support, as well as the namesake backpacks, remain the draw.    READ MORE »

Hot, hunky, hairy beats hit Heretic. Hard.

Bear Invasion only happens every once in a while. Maybe that’s why, when it does, furry men and their admirers come out of the woodwork. Put it to a beat, and it’s a pursuit of the hirsute like no other.    READ MORE »

Meet the hunks of Joining Hearts 27

Shirtless dance parties, pre-partying in your Speedos and the main event made for a mancandy weekend of Joining Hearts. So many abs to gawk at.    READ MORE »

This is how you throw a Joining Hearts pre-party

Before there was Joining Hearts, the guys who cocktail pre-partied to warm up and tease the skimpy outfits to come. With a lifeguard theme and just steps away from the main event, it was a perfect fit.    READ MORE »