Sexy guys will stuff their junk into almost anything and show off. So it's little surprise that guys baring only socks on their cocks are snapping selfies to raise awareness and funds for testicular cancer. Hey there, #cockinasock.

Twinks. Daddies. Muscle guys and military ones, too. Thousands of photos to support a UK effort to raise bucks for cancer research. The pics will have you thinking about so much more than balls. But that's really the driving force behind Get Your Sock Out.

In the United States, between 7,500 and 8,000 diagnoses of testicular cancer are made each year. In the UK, that figure is approximately 2,000.

It’s the most common type of cancer for guys between 20 and 39.

The #cockinasock hashtag on Instagram has more than 3,400 delicious posts. There's a Twitter handle and #cockinasock and #cockinsock offer even more. There's a Facebook page, too.

As the effort catches fire, the collection of sock covered hotties includes at least one gay Atlanta guy: Artist and photographer Philip Bonneau.