Celebutante runs to GLAAD for Take 2 rambling apology about dissing gays, TV medium gets blowback for telling gay ghosts that he’s gay too, razor wielded in McDonald’s attack, New Orleans pastor sues to hurl slurs, and more LGBT headlines.

Gay McDonald’s customer slashed with razor in apparent hate crime. A gay slur at the restaurant in Greenwich Village prompted a verbal altercation that became physical. Police say that’s when the man who made the slur pulled out a straight razor and cut the victim on the face, back, neck and elbow. The suspect (top photo) is still at large.

New Orleans wingnut sues city for right to be anti-gay. After a series of street preacher arrests for “aggressive demonstrations” during the gay Southern Decadence festival in the French Quarter, pastor Paul Gros filed suit saying that the city ordinance is unconstitutional.

Paris Hilton is sorry you’re disgusting. Secretly recorded telling a gay friend that gay men are too horny, “disgusting” and “probably all have AIDS” during a discussion about Grindr, the celebutante (second photo) apologized at length with help from GLAAD – after the recording went viral.

Marriage-backing New York Republicans still await election fate. State Sens. Stephen Saland and Roy McDonald have to wait for paper ballots to be counted to see if anti-gay group campaigns against them for voting in favor of legal gay unions cost them their seats. Saland is expected to eek out a victory; McDonald anticipates an ouster. A third GOP Senator narrowly won back his post.

“Ghost Hunters” medium tells dead people he’s gay. Adam Berry (third photo) didn’t come out on the season finale of the SyFy series. He’s been openly gay for a decade, but he tells fans who reacted that “announcing it” was pertinent: The spirits he was contacting were gay, too, ya see.

Democrats make most of DADT Repeal Day. While an LGBT-organized celebration at New York’s Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum honored former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mike Mullen on Thursday, the president partied a couple miles away with co-hosts Jay-Z and Beyonce at a $40,000-per-plate fundraiser, where he too commemorated the first anniversary of lifting the military’s gay ban.

Landmark gay rights plaintiff arrested for child porn. Larry Brinkin (bottom photo) filed the country’s first domestic partnership lawsuit in 1982. Now partnered with a teenage son, he surrendered to police on Thursday facing two felony counts of possession and distribution of pornographic photos of children as young as two.

Fired gay sheriff’s deputy wins discrimination case. Ricardo Olguin, 33, claimed he was persistently harassed because of his sexual orientation until he was wrongfully terminated from his Merced County, Calif., job in 2011. Olguin’s court case turned arbitration hearing found in his favor Thursday, awarding him lost wages and benefits but not his job back.

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McDonald’s photo from New York Daily News; Hilton photo via CNN; Berry photo from SyFy; Brinkin photo via San Francisco Examiner