imageIt’s turning out to be a little like “The Twelve Days of Christmas” for Alex Wan and his campaign for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council. The endorsements keep rolling in.

The latest addition to the list: Steve Brodie, the gay man who nearly unseated incumbent Anne Fauver for the seat in 2005. Brodie placed a disappointing fourth in the six-person race last week, scoring less than half the votes he did four years ago in a two-person contest.

But now he’s backing Wan, who is collecting endorsements as easily as calling birds, French hens and turtle doves.

“I wholeheartedly support Alex, and appreciate the strong, inclusive campaign he is running,” Brodie says in a statement released Thursday by Wan’s campagn. “I especially appreciate his knowledge of the district and the plans he has for balancing responsible development with the unique character of District 6 neighborhoods.”

Wan placed first in the Nov. 3 election, but his 32 percent wasn’t enough to keep him out of a Dec. 1 runoff with second-place finisher Liz Coyle.

“I am honored to have Steve’s endorsement,” Wan says in a press release. “He has been and continues to be a strong voice for our community. Too, Steve shares my care and concern for our friends and neighbors in District 6 and for the issues facing them. In particular, we are closely aligned on issues like the need to redouble efforts on public safety, plans to ensure tax dollars are spent wisely and effectively, and more.”

On Wednesday, Wan announced the endorsement of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, which like Georgia Equality, sat out the District 6 campaign until after the runoff despite three gay candidates among the field of six. Georgia Equality endorsed Wan Nov. 5, two days after the election.

On Friday, the influential business group the Buckhead Coalition backed Wan and Tuesday, Charlie Stadtlander also endorsed him. Stadtlander dropped out of the District 6 race in April to run for the Atlanta Board of Education. He lost the District 3 race to incumbent Cecily Harsch-Kinnane, 56 to 44 percent.

Wan also received the highest rating of “Excellent” from the Committee for a Better Atlanta, the only District 6 candidate to do so.

“I am proud that these endorsements, along with the recognition of the CBA, demonstrates the breadth of this campaign’s support,” Wan says. “To receive support—financial and otherwise—from such a diverse collection of groups is encouraging.”