For anyone who enjoys the bars, retail spots and restaurants in the gayborhood and strolls through Piedmont Park, take note: Criminals are growing more emboldened.

A man in his early 40s was stabbed and murdered in Piedmont Park early Thursday as part of an apparent robbery. His body was found near the lake. About 2 a.m.—about 15 minutes later—another man was stabbed at Juniper and 6th streets and hospitalized.

The attacks in Midtown come just a few weeks after two college students were attacked—one shot—in robbery attempts. The stabbings also happened exactly one month after Atlantans Together Against Crime & Cutbacks, led by gay man Kyle Keyser, held a rally at the intersection of 10 Street and Piedmont Ave. That event attracted three major mayoral candidates and several other elected officials.

The stabbings also follow the burglary of the downtown condo of Lisa Borders—yes, the City Council president and mayoral candidate - while she was inside. And let’s not forget the March 8 attack of John Evans, a gay man who was leaving Blake’s when he was beaten.