Administration to argue against Prop 8 and for gay marriage in California and beyond, why Benedict XVI might be gay, Perez Hilton surprises everybody with a baby son, Neil Patrick Harris quelches breakup rumors, gay wrap to Black History Month, and more LGBT headlines.

Andrew Sullivan is an attention whore. Oops. What we meant to say is that the gay blogger and TV pundit, who is Catholic too, lays out his case on why the retiring pope is gay. It’s partly based on Benedict continuing to live with his manservant secretary (top photo).

LGBT icons wrap Black History Month. Before you say goodbye to February’s Black History Month, say hello to 15 African Americans whose historic contributions should be celebrated all year. Sure, there are names included like Audre Lorde (second photo) that are obvious. Others you should know but might not.

Obama administration files against Prop 8. With edge-of-your-seat timing on deadline day, the White House argues that the Supreme Court should allow gay marriage in California and seven more states beyond the nine already permitting it, stopping short of marriage equality in all 50 states. Meanwhile, conservative voices for gay marriage grow, and Georgia Equality joined a Red State filing with the court.

Perez Hilton is a dad. It’s true. You now live in a world where the celebrity blogger and gay celebutante (third photo) has a brand new baby son. Whether the boy is adopted or shares the real-name Mario Lavandeira DNA remains unknown. That he was expecting the little bundle (photo) was a complete secret.

Study: Gay marriage could save lives. New research out of Michigan State University shows that straight married couples are far healthier on average than gay couples who are not or cannot be married.

Gay WikiLeakes soldier pleads guilty. Gunning for a deal, Bradley Manning entered guilty pleas Thursday to 10 of 22 charges for alleged leaks of military secrets to an online source. He says he did it to “enlighten the public” of what he called “concerning developments” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Manning faces 20 years in prison in the deal if accepted by the judge. If the plea isn’t accepted, court marshal proceedings could bring as much as a life sentence.

Neil Patrick Harris squelches breakup rumors with fiancé. The engagement is still on between the “How I Met Your Mother” star and his partner and co-parent David Burtka (bottom photo). NPH hit the Twitterverse to call the gossip “cray cray. … [Burtka’s] rad. All good.” Whew! National gay crisis averted.

Six ways sequestration will hurt LGBT Americans. You knew it was only a matter of time until some reporter somewhere made it gay. Well, you were right. Here are some LGBT-specific impacts of the manufactured political clusterfuck in Washington.

Pope photo from Buzz; Lorde photo via Advocate; Hilton photo via PerezHilton; Harris-Burtka photo from Out