President’s predicted post-election marriage support, watch the man who says a stroke turned him gay, self-help author on gay aging takes own life, gay alcoholism and mental health risks, gay man sends letters to released petition names, and more LGBT headlines.

Ari Fleisher: Obama will endorse marriage equality after election. Bush’s former press secretary made the prediction on “Anderson Cooper 360,” criticizing the president (top photo) for “maneuvering” to win re-election.

Gay college kids at higher risk for alcohol abuse. The University of Michigan just released a study that shows subtle discrimination against gay, lesbian and bisexual students increases their risk of over-indulgence and alcoholism. Another new study shows 80 percent of LGBT people suffer mental health issues.

Author’s suicide note calls book on gay aging “lies.” Therapist Bob Bergeron (middle photo), 49, was found dead in January. An arrow pointing to his pending book “The Right Side of Forty: The Complete Guide to Happiness for Gay Men at Midlife and Beyond” was on a note that says, “It’s a lie based on bad information.” The book’s release was cancelled.

Gay man launches e-mail offensive on petition signers. Paul Thomasson is contacting all 2,000 newly released names on a petition against gay marriage. He tells his personal story in hopes they won’t sign a new petition to overturn the state’s marriage equality law.

Minnesota governor pre-cogs rejection of gay marriage ban. On a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage for straight couples only, Gov. Mark Dayton said, “I had a dream over the weekend. And we’ll see how prophetic my dream is. I dreamt that … Minnesota would be the first state in the nation to reject this kind of measure.”

Meet the man who says a stroke made him gay. Kris Birch (bottom photo) first told a British newspaper last year that he woke up gay. Watch him describe his first realization that he had feelings for and attraction to other men, as well as his early gay sexual encounters:

Obama photo from MSNBC; Beregeron photo from Queerty; Birch photo frome BBC