The lies and deceit that anti-gay campaigners engaged in to defeat marriage equality in Maine is laid bare in the documentary “Question One.” The filmmakers need your help to get it to Midtown Art Cinema.

Unlike the highly publicized documentary “Bully” – it hits Atlanta on April 13 – “Question One” doesn’t have Hollywood heavy hitter Harvey Weinstein and a team of strategists behind it. “Question One” filmmakers Joe Fox and James Nubile are having a tougher time getting distribution.

They are working with Landmark and asking for action to get it to gay audiences in Atlanta and across the country, and they make it clear that the effort is not an indictment of the uber-gay-friendly Landmark movie houses. The theater chain has not refused the movie. They just haven’t signed on the dotted line yet either.

Some Atlanta gays are already on board with the idea of letting Landmark know that it makes good business senses to screen the film because there’s a strong audience for it. They are among those pushing the blitz through social media and e-mails.

Your part is simple: Watch the trailer above, then .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) that says you live in Atlanta and are interested in seeing the film. That’s it.

Why is the film so important? AmericaBlogGay puts it like this:

Given all the intensity around marriage equality across the country, the timing couldn’t be better. What’s most interesting about the documentary is that even though it’s “fair”—both sides get to tell their story—the anti-gay campaign does a bang-up job of indicting themselves by the end of the film.

Their campaign manager, Mark Mutty (who works for the Catholic Diocese of Maine), makes it clear that they lied to the people of Maine in order to take away our civil rights. And the mastermind behind the lies was Frank Schubert, who did the same thing on Prop. 8 (won by telling voters the lie that we were coming after their children) - and, no doubt, will again.

The admissions are damning. And that’s one good reason for anyone who is interested in the quest for marriage equality to see this film.