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‘Drag Race’ queens slay FBar Memorial Weekend

What’s better than a RuPaul fan-favorite queen? Three on one stage working gay Houston into a holi-gay frenzy, that’s what. Welcome to H-town, Latrice Royal, Coco Montrese and Kennedy Davenport.    READ MORE »

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Heretic serves triple dose of Sunday Funday

Hands down, Heretic knows how to nail this Memorial Day Weekend thing – blow out Sunday with two DJs and a triple dose of parties, jocks and cocktails. There was no rest on this day.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta stages #Pensacola2015 takeover

If you’re gay on Instagram in Atlanta, you were inundated all weekend with images of beach bodies, fun in the sun, night moves and merriment. Here's the next best thing to being there.    READ MORE »

Burkhart’s parties holiday hard with Tossed Salad

The queens of Tossed Salad welcomed back Brigitte Bidet with a crazy packed show on Sunday that even included a dance off that would make 'Dancing With the Stars' blush.    READ MORE »

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Ten ups ante on its Memorial Weekend crowd

At the corner of gay and gayer is one sure bet for Sunday Funday that gay Atlanta knows all too well. So to shake things up and make it special over the holi-gay Weekend, Ten Atlanta took it to Hawaii.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks get a little naughty at ‘Nice Party’

Gay athletes from around the country can’t start playing softball in the Big Peach tournament in Atlanta until they kick it off with Friday parties. This year, they chose between naughty and nice.    READ MORE »

Best gay things to do in Houston this weekend

Go long. Your LGBT Memorial Weekend events do. Reach back and catch it all, from three-day fests to all-day fetes, from sunny daydrunks to starry night moves, all to put the gay in your holi-gay.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Go long. Atlanta’s LGBT Memorial weekend events sure do. Reach back and catch all of it, from three-day fests to all-day fandangos, from day-drunks to night moves all to put the gay in your holi-gay.    READ MORE »

Softball jocks don drag to crown Miss HSL

This was definitely not an evening for the bashful and shy. Jocks from the Hotlanta Softball League swapped their uniforms for drag and worked it hard to snatch the Miss HSL crown.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta turns to Monte Carlo for casino night

Lost N Found Youth gambled and won on its latest fundraising event. The non-profit for homeless LGBT youth turned its charity thrift store into a casino on Saturday and let the chips fall where they may.    READ MORE »

Lights out, pants off for Jungle’s blackout party

It just may go down as the most insatiable #WOBO yet. When the Bedlam party crew brought back its WackedOut BlackOut event to Jungle on Saturday, no holds were barred and all pants were off.    READ MORE »

DJ Paulo packs dance floor for Atlanta return

What becomes a dance party legend? Scores of gay guys coming out of the woodwork to worship his beats. And so it was on Saturday, when a gay Atlanta favorite returned to the scene of his last slaying.    READ MORE »

Cazwell promises ‘sick, ratchet hip-hop’ for #WOBO

You met him at the ice cream truck. He told you about Beyoncé at Burger King. He’s been all over your face. Now Cazwell hits Atlanta to make you get down. To some sick beats, that is.    READ MORE »

Best gay things to do in Houston this weekend

As the weather really heats up and the humidity goes into overdrive, so do LGBT Houston events. Dive directly into this jam-packed schedule of parties, performances and all your people.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

As the weather heats up, so do LGBT Atlanta’s events. Roll up your sleeves and dive directly into this jam-packed schedule, because parties, plays, performances and your people await.    READ MORE »

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Rugby jocks sport 36 Purple Dress Run dos and don’ts

Nothing says, 'We're here. We're queer. Get used to it.' like a gaggle of gay guys running through Midtown half drunk wearing purple drag. But fear not: Atlanta's gay rugby team is carrying that torch for you. Thank them later.    READ MORE »

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28 gay jocks show how to rock Miss HSL

Of all the things to say about Hotlanta Softball League – they’ve heard it all, earned most of it and are proud of it – don’t say they make pretty drag queens. They don’t, and you're going to love it.    READ MORE »

Men of David crowns its hunk, raises big bucks

A collection of 10 hunks helped gay glossy David Atlanta cap its second Men of David contest and fundraiser on Saturday, bringing in big bucks for an HIV non-profit at Jungle.    READ MORE »

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Violet Chachki brings the heat to South Beach

Houston gay bars know how to make sure it’s never just another weekend. Gay Houston’s best dance party kept up the pace on Saturday with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant Violet Chachki.    READ MORE »

Best gay things to do in Houston this weekend

Your same-ol’ week just became one of those awesome weekends. Let it all go and recharge with LGBT events from shows to parties, dances to stripper fests. You read that right. It’s all here for the taking.    READ MORE »