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Atlanta civil rights icon: Gays ‘befuddle’ me

Civil rights icon Joseph Lowery is befuddled by that gay thing, but the Atlanta pastor stands firm in his support of LGBT equality even if he's a little mushy on whether he'd officiate a gay marriage.    READ MORE »

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Anti-gay activists appeal to undo HERO victory

Opponents of the city's LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance appealed on Thursday, asking an appellate court to set aside a recent ruling that allowed HERO to go into effect.    READ MORE »

Airbnb host evicts gay men from Galveston home

A gay Houston couple was evicted from a Galveston bed and breakfast last weekend after the owner realized the men were gay and ran afoul of her 'straight friendly' rental.    READ MORE »

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Georgia pastor says gays ‘deserve not to live’

A Leviticus-quoting pastor in middle Georgia is calling for gay people to be put to death and posting anti-gay verses on a sign outside his church.    READ MORE »

Greg Abbott: Don’t bring gay marriage to Texas

Clinging tightly to the anti-gay animus of Texas voters, Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton made clear they don't really care for the U.S. Supreme Court messing with Texas about gay marriage.    READ MORE »

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Stop being anti-gay, Ga. GOP chair hopeful says

Something surprising happened along the way to Georgia Republicans electing a new state chair: One candidate said it's time for the GOP to stop discriminating against the gays.    READ MORE »

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Gay man arrested for HIV exposure: I did disclose

A former gay Atlanta man charged with exposing a sex partner to HIV says he did disclose his status and that it's being 'blown out of proportion' by rural authorities inexperienced with HIV criminalization cases.    READ MORE »

Here’s why Georgia is ready for gay marriage

Make all of the legal arguments you'd like, but LGBT activists on the ground in gay Atlanta point to something else to demonstrate that Georgia is ready for gay marriage: public opinion.    READ MORE »

These gays confident marriage coming to Texas

Gay Texas couple Mark Phariss and Victor Holmes are so confident that the U.S. Supreme Court will legalize gay marriage that they've already booked a location for their wedding.    READ MORE »

Even Mike Bowers backs gay marriage in Georgia

Michael Bowers, once the poster boy of anti-gay discrimination in Georgia, now supports marriage equality and workplace protections for LGBT people. Who said old Republicans can't evolve?    READ MORE »

This man doesn’t want your gay marriage dollars

Many Atlanta businesses are figuring out how to get a slice of the $78 million gay marriage boom coming to Georgia. But not Alan Akins, who told a gay couple he wouldn't print their wedding invitations.    READ MORE »

Georgia gets ready for gay marriage by redesigning licenses

Something happened on the way to marriage equality in Georgia. The defender of the state's gay marriage ban is ready for defeat, the anti-gay governor is acquiescing and judges are redesigning marriage licenses.    READ MORE »

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WNBA star Brittney Griner, fiance arrested

Houston native and WNBA star Brittney Griner and her fiance were arrested on Wednesday during an apparent domestic dispute, two weeks after Griner was honored in Houston for being an LGBT role model.    READ MORE »

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Police: ‘Mob beating’ of gay teens didn’t happen

Two gay teens who said they were attacked at an Atlanta high school over their sexual orientation now face criminal charges as police say the incident was nothing more than a 'good old fashioned fight.'    READ MORE »

Gay marriage bigot Sam Olens says he’s really not

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens says he'll cringe if the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage across the country this summer, then advise state agencies to get in line and follow the law. How nice.    READ MORE »

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2 gay students attacked, beaten at Atlanta school

Two gay students at the New Schools at Carver say they were jumped by a group of students who yelled anti-gay slurs and beat them on Monday at the high school campus.    READ MORE »

Houston lands two among elite 2015 power gays

You know you’ve made LGBT history when you land on Out magazine’s annual Out Power 50. Cheers to two Houstonians who can count themselves among the most influential gays in the land.    READ MORE »

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Komen grants big bucks to LGBT Atlanta boobs

With a hearty “Carpe boobem!” the Health Initiative rides away from this year’s Susan G. Komen grants with $26,000 in breast health funds and a mission specifically targeted to LGBTs in Georgia.    READ MORE »

Anti-gay pastor declines honor amid controversy

Mired in a sea of controversy of his own making, an anti-gay Atlanta pastor set to be honored on Thursday has stepped aside and declined to be honored by the Jewish National Fund.    READ MORE »

Coroner rules gay Atlanta man’s death ‘accident’

Alcohol likely contributed to the tragic death of a 24-year-old gay Atlanta cheerleader and model found inside a ventilation system of a Midtown parking garage in December.    READ MORE »