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Hand tremors could decide fate of HERO

The future of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance – whether it will be sent to a public vote or finally enacted – rests with a few thousand signatures gathered by elderly people with shaky hands.    READ MORE »

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Anti-gay bill sponsor: ‘We are going to prevail’

The Georgia lawmaker behind an anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill pledged to resurrect the legislation a day after his stunning defeat at the hands of three fellow Republicans.    READ MORE »

You’ll have better sex if you watch more porn

You may already know that the South loves its gay porn. Come to find out, that’s a very good thing for your sex life, from drive to physical arousal to endurance as you give and get. Science says so.    READ MORE »

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Anti-gay bill suffers near fatal blow in state House

A last-ditch effort to add LGBT protections to an anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill passed the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, prompting Republicans to table the controversial proposal.    READ MORE »

Anti-gay bill may cost Ga. $15 million in business

Republicans in the Georgia House showed they want a 'religious freedom' bill to further legalize anti-gay discrimination in the state. Now, hospitality insiders are putting a price tag on that bias: $15 million.    READ MORE »

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House panel rejects LGBT protections in bill

A Georgia House panel rejected attempts to preserve LGBT-inclusive anti-bias ordinances in a “religious freedom” bill as the bill’s sponsor flatly opposed adding any gay protections.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta could become gay marriage mecca

Smart gays know it. Probate judges are preparing for it. And now, businesses in Georgia want a piece of it. They’re lining up to cash in on gay marriage and make Atlanta an LGBT wedding destination.    READ MORE »

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House panel debates, stalls anti-gay religious bill

A Georgia lawmaker defended his anti-gay “religious freedom” legislation against charges that it would provide a license to discriminate against LGBT people during a hearing on Tuesday.    READ MORE »

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Gay men get slutty with their junk on cruise apps

If you’ve seen somebody’s digital penis on a hookup app, raise your hand. If you’ve sent one or seen one on a friend’s phone, holler. Now a survey of gay men confirms a whopping majority of you have.    READ MORE »

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Josh McKoon tries to brush aside anti-gay ties

The Republican state senator aggressively pushing an anti-gay "religious freedom" proposal has deep ties to an anti-gay ministry that now exposed, he hopes you'll ignore.    READ MORE »

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Houston trans activists fight bathroom bills

A transgender woman posed mostly nude on a toilet at the Texas Capitol to protest four bills in the legislature that would bar people from using restrooms according to how they identify.    READ MORE »

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School chief comes out after Grindr pics surface

A married school superintendent in middle Georgia came out as gay on Thursday after his purportedly explicit Grindr photos were sent to media outlets.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Pride director quits after three years

Just as gay Atlanta settled into a certain level of stability at the helm of Atlanta Pride, Buck Cooke announced his resignation as its executive director on Friday, seven months before the annual festival.    READ MORE »

Atlanta firm pays $125,000 after firing HIV+ man

A metro Atlanta juice manufacturer will pay $125,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit after it fired an employee when it discovered he is HIV-positive.    READ MORE »

Gay Houston bottoms out in U.S. cities survey

When it comes to national LGBT rankings, Houston is a mixed bag of highs and lows. Now survey juggernaut Gallup deals the city a blow in its count of gay people in the nation's largest metropolitan areas.    READ MORE »

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Anti-gay bill gets hearing as Speaker equivocates

Prepare yourself for some March Madness, 'religious freedom' style. The controversial bill gets a hearing in the Georgia House on Tuesday despite lingering doubts about it from Republican House Speaker David Ralston.    READ MORE »

Poll: Gay Atlanta not tops, but ‘above average’

When it comes to national LGBT rankings, Atlanta has made a cottage industry of landing at the top. This time, polling juggernaut Gallup puts us in our place while counting gay people in every U.S. city.    READ MORE »

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CBS 46 finds a smart gay to talk gay marriage

When it needed a smart gay person to talk about gay stuff, CBS 46 looked no further than longtime Atlanta non-profit leader and LGBT Georgia health advocate Linda Ellis.    READ MORE »

Suit: Police ‘flagrantly’ ignore Eagle raid reforms

The attorneys who sued to force changes in the Atlanta Police Department in the wake of a botched gay bar raid now charge that the city isn't complying with court orders mandating those changes.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta rallies against ‘religious freedom’ bill

A crowd of about 200 LGBT activists, progressives and faith leaders rallied against Georgia's so-called 'religious freedom' bill on Tuesday, criticizing the measure as opening the door to anti-gay discrimination.    READ MORE »