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Black gay men with HIV receive less medical care

Black gay men with HIV are less likely than whites and Hispanics to receive consistent care, which would keep them healthier and less likely to infect others with the virus.    READ MORE »

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Annise Parker to show Dems how to do gay stuff

Annise Parker, out of Houston's City Hall for the first time in 18 years, isn't content to just navigate snowstorms and stay in school. Now she will chair an LGBT panel for national Democrats.    READ MORE »

Equality Texas wants Houston HIV funds put back

A $600,000 grant for HIV screenings in Houston is unlikely to be reinstated by state health officials, despite Planned Parenthood in Houston – the group that receives the funding – being cleared of wrong-doing.    READ MORE »

‘Honey Boo Boo’ patriarch admits to gay affair

Because everybody's a little gay, 'Honey Boo Boo' star, family patriarch and metro Atlanta guy Mike Thompson (Sugar Bear) admitted that he's cheated on longtime love Mama June Shannon with men.    READ MORE »

State official fired over racist, homophobic posts

A top official in the Georgia Department of Education who joked about gays and poles and mocked Whoopi Goldberg for being transgender was forced to resign after his offensive social media posts went viral.    READ MORE »

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Three gay Atlanta men killed in tragic car crash

Three gay Atlanta men were killed early Saturday when the car they were riding in lost control, plunged over a barrier and crashed upside down on Interstate 75.    READ MORE »

Non-profits get $1.4 million to fight HIV in South

Combatting HIV in the South faces steep odds. The death rate is higher and fewer people know their status. But an advocacy group just dished out $1.4 million to challenge HIV across the region.    READ MORE »

Guard: Georgia hospital fired me for being gay

A former security guard who says she was fired by Georgia Regional Hospital for being gay asked an appeals court to hear her case since a lower court dismissed her complaint without holding a hearing.    READ MORE »

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Battle lines drawn over ‘religious freedom’ bill

Two key players on opposite sides of a controversial 'religious freedom' bill tangled on Wednesday, hinting at the debate to come when the legislation surfaces again during the upcoming legislative session.    READ MORE »

Athens moves to combat discrimination in bars

The Athens-Clarke County Commission swatted back at alleged discrimination in its bars by approving a resolution that could lead to alcohol licenses being revoked if discrimination is found.    READ MORE »

Eagle vows to rebuild after fire guts gay bar

A fire erupted inside the popular gay Houston bar the Eagle on Saturday, sending patrons and employees scrambling for safety and heavily damaging the popular Montrose bar.    READ MORE »

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New mayor wants Houston to ‘embrace diversity’

Longtime state lawmaker Sylvester Turner delivered his first inaugural address on Monday, two days after becoming Houston's 62nd mayor, promising to build a better city that embraces its diversity.    READ MORE »

What did guys get stuck in their rectums last year?

Left to our own devices, it seems guys will stick just about any object in their rectum for pleasure, to hide it from police or to attempt a home remedy for constipation. And leave it there. Sometimes for days.    READ MORE »

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Georgia lawmakers plan assault on gay marriage

LGBT activists, bracing for the third round in the fight over an anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill, now face a more serious threat from lawmakers: A direct assault on gay marriage.    READ MORE »

HIV is on the decline – if you’re gay and white

A 10-year look at HIV diagnoses shows that HIV has seen dramatic declines, even among some gay men. Yet for gay men, the success of beating back HIV varies greatly based on race and ethnicity.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta non-profit leader dies after surgery

A gay Atlanta non-profit leader who has led advocacy groups for LGBT people, the homeless and people with HIV has died after complications during surgery.    READ MORE »

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Parker defends HERO, ponders future: I’ll be back

Mayor Annise Parker did not back away from HERO during an online chat, defending the non-discrimination ordinance and arguing that what made her a successful mayor could help her in another elected office.    READ MORE »

Caitlyn Jenner prays with anti-LGBT Houston pastor

Caitlyn Jenner stirred up controversy last week when she was photographed praying with anti-LGBT pastor Ed Young at a children’s pageant for his Houston megachurch.    READ MORE »

Activists blast HIV criminalization laws as failure

A panel of health experts blasted HIV criminalization laws as a failure, criticizing the statues for adding stigma to HIV, keeping people from getting tested, and oppressing already marginalized populations.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta adult entertainer died from huffing

A 25-year-old gay Atlanta man and adult entertainer found dead in a Midtown hotel room died after huffing toxic levels of Black Max cleaning solvent.    READ MORE »