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How gay Atlanta stifles GOP evolution on LGBT issues

On the surface, the sorry state of LGBT rights in Georgia looks like the local Republican Party at its fossilized worst. Nearly everyone has marriage equality but us, 'religious freedom' bills are back and pro-equality dissenting voices within the party are muted.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta loves group sex and eager bottoms

Once a year, somebody challenges the notion that gay Atlanta is a bunch of vers-bottoms with shrinking penises and vanilla tastes. Enter the survey that lists turn-ons including public sex and tat sleeves.    READ MORE »

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Critics of religious freedom bills dissed as absurd

Move aside, Mike Bowers. Supporters of 'religious freedom' legislation in the Georgia Legislature fired back at the Republican former attorney general with their own legal experts lauding the anti-gay bills.    READ MORE »

Gay health benefits scare two Savannah leaders

Two Chatham County commissioners want their gay employees to get married if their partners want health benefits. Except, um, that's not quite legal.    READ MORE »

Josh Nicholson death inspires best-selling author

A best-selling author, touched by the tragic death of a gay Atlanta cheerleader and model, is dedicating her new novel to him and donating a portion of the proceeds from its sale to an HIV charity.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta couple gets big gay celebrity wedding

Tropical nuptials in a gigantic mass wedding give Tommy Layman and Brett Parker – and all of gay Atlanta – just one more reason to love Southern bear, part time Atlantan and “Top Chef: Masters” alum Art Smith.    READ MORE »

PrEPing while gay sexing drops HIV risk 86%

A dose of pills before and after for gay men taking part in risky sex could dramatically lower their chance of HIV infection, another hint that the power of PrEP makes a difference.    READ MORE »

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Gay marriage inflames Houston’s Hater in Chief

Houston's anti-gay Hater In Chief Jared Woodfill is full of angst, angry that a single gay Texas couple was married on Thursday under court order.    READ MORE »

Map tracks and predicts Atlanta’s battle with HIV

Gay Atlanta, take note. As the CDC determines the stages of HIV to better track, predict and treat it, an interactive map out of Emory helps visualize where metro Atlanta’s battle with the disease stands.    READ MORE »

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State’s ex top lawyer rips ‘religious freedom’ bills

Former Georgia Attorney General Michael Bowers, a Republican who once fought LGBT equality, issued a blistering criticism of "religious freedom" bills, saying they open the door to anti-gay discrimination.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta group hires notorious anti-gay attorney

The former Georgia attorney general who made a career out of fighting LGBT equality was recently hired by statewide gay group Georgia Equality to oppose "religious freedom" bills percolating in the state legislature.    READ MORE »

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Out singer Ty Herndon to serenade gay Houston

When a Country hunk comes out as gay, the world listens and then he enjoys a broadening gay fan base. When said hunk is Ty Herndon, who already counts scores of gay fans, his next show is a victory lap.    READ MORE »

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Republican offends GOP friends with tolerance

Georgia's religious conservatives, well practiced in spewing venom at the gays, found themselves criticizing a Republican who helped table an anti-gay measure after his attempt to make it less anti-gay failed.    READ MORE »

This survey wants your boozy bottom habits

When Emory University decides that “Sex is the Question” they have for gay men, it doesn't hold back. Far beyond oral and anal, the ongoing national gay sex study gets personal. Really personal.    READ MORE »

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GOP senator tries to defang anti-gay religious bill

A Republican lawmaker attempted to address concerns of LGBT activists and other critics of an anti-gay religious bill, but he was smacked down by GOP colleagues during a hearing at the Georgia Capitol.    READ MORE »

Gay marriage now legal in Texas – sort of

Gay marriage is coming to Texas in fits and starts. A probate judge in Austin tossed out the state's marriage ban and a second judge ordered the Travis County clerk to issue a license to a lesbian couple.    READ MORE »

Probate judges prep for gay marriage in Georgia

Gay marriage is coming to Georgia. Even Southern Baptists are dealing with the reality. So are probate judges who don't want the state to follow Alabama as a national embarrassment when marriage equality arrives.    READ MORE »

Anti-gay fire chief sues Atlanta over his firing

Atlanta's former fire chief, fired over his actions concerning an anti-gay book he wrote, sued the city on Thursday in federal court with the help of an anti-gay legal group.    READ MORE »

Texas Monthly asks why gays can’t get married

Texas won't admit it, but marriage equality is coming to the state. And while we wait for that certainty, Texas Monthly dives into the issue through the compelling story of a gay couple suing to make it so.    READ MORE »

Keeping it ‘real’ online gets you laid more

If you go out of your way to look like Mr. Gay Perfect in dating profiles, new evidence shows that Photoshopped abs and flawless factoids actually get less attention than online profiles that feel authentic.    READ MORE »