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Gay teens do risky sex, face bigger risk of HIV

Gay high school students have slightly more sex than their straight male classmates, but inject drugs in far higher numbers and face a much bigger risk of HIV infection, according to a new report.    READ MORE »

Gay ex Atlanta man nails Trump for plagiarism

The man who first noticed that Melania Trump plagiarized a portion of her speech at the Republican National Convention, setting off a firestorm, is a gay journalist who once lived and worked in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Your gay gonorrhea getting resistant to treatment

As if the burden of fueling a resurgence in gonorrhea and syphilis isn't troubling enough, gay men now face this: Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to antibiotics and its worse among men who have sex with men.    READ MORE »

Is this Atlanta hunk at center of all-gay ‘Bachelor’?

Rainbow sidewalk advocate, sexy selfie expert and gay Atlanta guy Robert Sepulveda Jr. is rumored to be the 'heartthrob' at the center of 'Finding Prince Charming,' an all-gay version of reality show 'The Bachelor.'    READ MORE »

Trans population in Texas second-biggest in U.S.

Texas has the second-largest population of transgender residents in the U.S., a large slice of the 1.4 million trans adults across the country, according to a first-ever estimate of people who identify as trans.    READ MORE »

Georgia’s trans population fourth-highest in U.S.

Georgia has the fourth-highest percentage of transgender residents, a large slice of the 1.4 million trans adults across the U.S., according to a first-ever state-level estimate of people who identify as trans.    READ MORE »

Atlanta companies take lead on trans bathrooms

As politicians rant about transgender bathroom access, Atlanta's biggest companies are taking action – enacting policies allowing trans employees to use the rest room matching their gender identity.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts expands mission to fight HIV head on

Joining Hearts – best known for hosting gay Atlanta's biggest summer ab fest – also donates big bucks to charity. And the non-profit, staring down startling statistics about HIV in Atlanta, made sweeping changes to how it dishes out tens of thousands of dollars to HIV groups every year.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta interested in guns after Orlando

Gay gun enthusiasts are rallying in the wake of the Orlando gay bar massacre, restocking the membership ranks of an LGBT gun group in Atlanta and explaining how gays can like guns so much.    READ MORE »

Fulton launches ambitious fight to eradicate HIV

Fulton County officials unveiled an ambitious plan to eradicate HIV in the state's most populous county, an effort that would dramatically expand HIV testing, boost prevention efforts like condom giveaways and PrEP, bolster HIV education and move people with HIV more quickly into care.    READ MORE »

Georgia judge calls man ‘queer’ during bizarre rant

A North Georgia judge – in a heated, vulgar and homophobic exchange with a murder suspect – called the man 'a queer,' mocked him for being a 'butt boy' and assured him that he'd find all the 'white boy' sex he wanted in jail.    READ MORE »

Georgia pastor: Gays got ‘what they deserve’ in Orlando

A Brunswick pastor, in the wake of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, tweeted that gays got “what they deserve,” the latest in his long track record of anti-gay rhetoric and fighting LGBT equality efforts.    READ MORE »

Atlanta police arrest suspect in ‘kill gays’ threat

A man suspected of threatening to kill LGBT people during rant-filled visits to two East Atlanta bars has been detained and is likely to face criminal charges.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Capitol concert honors Orlando victims

The victims of the Orlando gay bar massacre were honored during a somber vigil at the Georgia Capitol organized by an LGBT lawmaker and attended by another who has sponsored anti-gay legislation.    READ MORE »

Atlanta area church condemns LGBTs: Satan made gays

A metro Atlanta church has posted an incendiary sign that says Satan made LGBT people, a move that's gained attention in the wake of the gay club massacre in Orlando.    READ MORE »

Man threatens to kill gays at two East Atlanta bars

Authorities are investigating a man who threatened to kill LGBT people, made anti-gay comments and left threatening notes in at least two East Atlanta restaurants on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Gay lawmaker to honor Orlando victims in Georgia Capitol

The victims of the Orlando gay bar massacre will be honored inside the Georgia State Capitol on Monday with a memorial concert organized by one of the legislature's three openly gay members.    READ MORE »

Personal dispute led to threats against gay Atlanta bars

Atlanta police cleared the man suspected of threatening two gay bars and said the man who vowed on social media to make them "the next Orlando" is actually someone who knows the original suspect and stole his identity.    READ MORE »

Police: Threats to Atlanta gay bars may be hoax

Atlanta police said late Wednesday that threats to make two gay Atlanta bars "the next Orlando" may have come through a hacked social media account.    READ MORE »

Man threatens to make two Atlanta gay bars ‘next Orlando’

A gay Atlanta man is under investigation by Atlanta police after a series of tweets was posted to his Twitter account threatening two LGBT bars in the wake of the Orlando massacre.    READ MORE »