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Logo’s gay bachelor show includes 3 Atlanta men

It’s official. A gay Atlanta man and sexy selfie expert is the prince of Logo’s 'Finding Prince Charming' and two of his suitors on the reality dating show are also from Atlanta.    READ MORE »

LGBT issues key as jurors picked for anti-gay assault case

A jury was picked to hear an anti-gay assault case after attorneys sifted through a pool of 60 potential jurors – dismissing a lesbian as well as a man who called homosexuality 'disgusting.'    READ MORE »

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Friends mourning death of gay Atlanta man in Lake Lanier

Friends are mourning the death of a 29-year-old gay Atlanta man, beloved basketball player and Delta flight attendant who drowned in Lake Lanier.    READ MORE »

Georgia teacher resigns after gay sexting student

A longtime Georgia high school teacher and church music director resigned from his job in education after the 45-year-old was caught gay sexting an 18-year-old student.    READ MORE »

Fulton settles anti-gay bullying lawsuit for $475K

A gay former employee in Fulton's troubled HIV prevention programs will receive a $475,000 payment after suing for being fired when he complained about anti-gay harassment and bullying.    READ MORE »

Trans activist named to police oversight board

A longtime transgender activist was has worked to improve the Atlanta Police Department's treatment of LGBT citizens was named to a review board that oversees the police agency.    READ MORE »

Anti-gay judge nominated for Ga. Supreme Court

A bigoted Georgia judge who tried to walk back his years of anti-gay rhetoric to win appointment to the federal bench is now in the mix for a seat on the Georgia Supreme Court.    READ MORE »

Delta criticized for showing kiss-less lesbian film

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines is coming under fire for showing a neutered version of 'Carol,' an Oscar-nominated romantic drama about a lesbian love affair.    READ MORE »

LGBT Atlanta targets barriers facing domestic violence victims

Some 40 people came together on Wednesday in the back of the Rush Center to discuss intimate partner violence, a complicated issue that impacts – and endangers – nearly one in four LGBTQ people.    READ MORE »

2 gay attorneys nominated for Ga. Supreme Court

At least two LGBT attorneys in metro Atlanta are among the dozens of lawyers and judges nominated for two new seats on the Georgia Supreme Court.    READ MORE »

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U.S. Attorney: I’m fighting for LGBT civil rights in Georgia

U.S. Attorney John Horn – the top federal prosecutor in North Georgia – told scores of LGBT Atlanta organizers and activists that his office is creating a special unit to better investigate civil rights complaints.    READ MORE »

Georgia judge rebuked for calling man ‘queer’

A North Georgia judge that called a man 'queer' and mocked him for being a 'butt boy' during a vulgar and homophobic courtroom exchange was publicly spanked by judicial watchdogs for his conduct.    READ MORE »

Juniper gets facelift between two gay hangouts

That derelict space between gay patio hotspot Joe's and its sibling Einstein's is getting a fabulous makeover that will bring a pocket park, an urban aesthetic and more space for those charity beer busts.    READ MORE »

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2 young gay Atlanta leaders wow Democratic Convention

Two young black LGBT leaders from Atlanta wowed the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, telling delegates – and a national audience – about a "rainbow of voices" and HIV's continued impact on gay men.    READ MORE »

Emory needs gay Atlanta’s help for research study

The research geeks at Emory's Hope Clinic have been studying HIV vaccines for years. Now, researchers are asking for help from LGBT Atlanta as they fight a virus that adversely impacts people with HIV.    READ MORE »

Atlanta drag legend Diamond Lil in failing health

Friends are rallying around Atlanta drag pioneer Diamond Lil, whose performances date to the pre-Stonewall era. The legendary queen is suffering from cancer and was recently moved to a hospice.    READ MORE »

Gay teens do risky sex, face bigger risk of HIV

Gay high school students have slightly more sex than their straight male classmates, but inject drugs in far higher numbers and face a much bigger risk of HIV infection, according to a new report.    READ MORE »

Gay ex Atlanta man nails Trump for plagiarism

The man who first noticed that Melania Trump plagiarized a portion of her speech at the Republican National Convention, setting off a firestorm, is a gay journalist who once lived and worked in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Your gay gonorrhea getting resistant to treatment

As if the burden of fueling a resurgence in gonorrhea and syphilis isn't troubling enough, gay men now face this: Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to antibiotics and its worse among men who have sex with men.    READ MORE »

Is this Atlanta hunk at center of all-gay ‘Bachelor’?

Rainbow sidewalk advocate, sexy selfie expert and gay Atlanta guy Robert Sepulveda Jr. is rumored to be the 'heartthrob' at the center of 'Finding Prince Charming,' an all-gay version of reality show 'The Bachelor.'    READ MORE »