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BJ Roosters loses lawsuit, ex bartender gets $67K

A federal judge ordered go-go boy gay bar BJ Roosters to pay a former bartender nearly $70,000 in back wages and unpaid overtime after willfully skirting federal labor law and ordering him to pay kickbacks.    READ MORE »

Gay Houston bar to get razed for parking garage

Pity those poor shower boys of Meteor. Sometime in 2016, they and the gay Houston bar they call home likely won't exist thanks to a new parking deck and massive redevelopment project.    READ MORE »

Chances are you don’t know jack about HIV

Listen up, gay Georgia. A statewide survey shows that our attitudes and perceptions – or misperceptions – about HIV are skewed to dangerous levels that make us fifth in the country for HIV diagnoses.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta prepares to celebrate life of Lateasha Shuntel

Authorities are closing in on what led to the death of popular transgender performer Lateasha Shuntel as gay Atlanta prepares to remember her during benefit shows on Sunday.    READ MORE »

Your chances for STDs besides HIV just went up

Even if you have a handle on HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases just as dangerous are on dramatic rise among gay men – so much that we single handedly spiked infection rates for the first time in a decade.    READ MORE »

3 Houston companies so LGBT-friendly, they’re perfect

Some 10 companies, law firms and financial institutions based in Texas – including three in Houston – earned a perfect score on a new ranking of how they approach LGBT issues, employees and customers.    READ MORE »

Memorial fund launched for Lateasha Shuntel

Friends and co-workers of popular Atlanta trans performer Lateasha Shuntel launched a memorial fund to help with funeral expenses, while authorities continue to investigate her sudden death on Wednesday.    READ MORE »

Popular Atlanta drag performer found dead

A longtime transgender performer in gay Atlanta was found dead on Wednesday, a passing that erupted online into an outpouring of emotion from fans, friends and supporters shocked by her death.    READ MORE »

13 Atlanta companies so LGBT-friendly, they’re perfect

Some 13 companies, law firms and financial institutions based in metro Atlanta earned a perfect score on a new ranking of how they approach LGBT issues, employees and customers.    READ MORE »

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Houston anti-gay activists rally against trans child

Two employees at a Houston area daycare say they are planning a federal lawsuit, claiming their rights were violated when they were fired for refusing to accept the transgender child of a gay couple.    READ MORE »

Erick Erickson: trans people ‘mentally ill perverts’

WSB host and Fox pundit Erick Erickson sometimes serves his anti-gay rhetoric with creativity. But with his most recent rant against transgenders, he sinks to a new mean-spirited and nasty low.    READ MORE »

Atlanta NFL vet sues over ‘offensive’ gay rumors

Former 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' husband Kordell Stewart has long faced gay whispers. They turned to loud chatter on the show and big gay catcalls on a recent radio show. Stewart has had enough.    READ MORE »

800,000 LGBTs made coming out on Facebook oh-so 2015

When the books close on 2015, strides in LGBT equality are part of the story. Now Facebook releases numbers that show it’s also a banner year for coming out.    READ MORE »

Army’s first gay general takes command in Ga.

The first openly gay general in the U.S. Army will join the command staff of Fort Benning, a sprawling military base in Columbus, just five years after the military repealed 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'    READ MORE »

Philip Rafshoon quits festival to start new chapter

Longtime gay business owner, bookworm and activist Philip Rafshoon is quitting his post with the AJC Decatur Book Festival, looking to reinvent himself with new opportunities.    READ MORE »

Conservatives knock Chick-fil-A for ‘going gay’

Poor Chick-fil-A. The Atlanta company gets hated on when its CEO hates on gays. Yet when it tries to support a dialogue about faith and sexuality, it gets hated on by the conservatives who used to love them.    READ MORE »

AID Atlanta CEO out just 8 months after taking job

After just eight months at the helm, AID Atlanta is losing its CEO again and looking internally for its temporary new leader – the fourth one in three years.    READ MORE »

Most gay men didn’t use condoms last night

If you were one of the gay men having sex last night – or last week, or last month – a new study says chances are that you skipped instead of slipped on a condom before delivering the sausage.    READ MORE »

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Lesbian state lawmaker quits Georgia House

State Rep. Simone Bell – the first African-American lesbian to win election to a state legislature – is quitting the Georgia House next month to take a job with a gay legal group.    READ MORE »

Will HIV agency conflict with LNF thrift store?

The controversial AIDS Healthcare Foundation continues to expand its footprint in Atlanta, this time with plans for a thrift store blocks from a popular one that funds efforts to care for homeless LGBT youth.    READ MORE »