Cozying into fulltime actress and part-time Angelino while distancing herself from Marlo Hampton’s Faggot-gate, “Real Houswives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes hit Los Angeles Pride with ‘NOH8’ on her lips.

We already knew that Atlanta’s own gay magnet, gay bestie and gay-friendly HRC-Atlanta alumna, isn’t afraid to go off on haters. Now she becomes the latest “Housewives” star to put photographer Adam Bouska’s duct tape where her mouth is.

Bouska’s NOH8 campaign set up shop at LA Pride last week. After the quick tweet “Headed 2 The LA Gay Pride Festival!! Where my gays @?” NeNe joined him in the booth for a NOH8 shoot of her own (photos). The briefly silenced mouth backed the sentiment the open one reiterated just days earlier about exactly how far her support goes.

Transitioning from her recurring role as Roz Washington on “Glee” and into playing assistant to a wannabe gay dad on this fall’s gay parenting sitcom “The New Normal,” Leakes told the Huffington Post that her new role means more to her than just another job.

“I’m Rocky, one of the gay guy’s assistants. I take it very personal, honey, if you talk about my gays, honey. Only I can talk about them and I’m fabulous,” Leakes coos. “This is very fitting for me because in my real life, you don’t mess with my gays, honey. I don’t play that.”

Photos via Straight from the A