Neighbors of sudsy stripper home Swinging Richards are hinting that the popular gay bar and second home to Leslie Jordan may hit some strong crosswinds as it works to make a routine change to its liquor license.

Representatives from the bar are scheduled to appear before Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Unit-E on Tuesday as part of a request to change the agent listed on its liquor license. But, according to Midtown Patch, neighborhood activists may take it as an opportunity to air their grievances against the club.

Jim Martin, who is chairman of NPU-D, told Midtown Patch that there are several issues with the liquor license itself and whether it’s legal to begin with.

“To the best of my knowledge, the license they have was never properly granted,” Martin said, adding the strip club is closer to nearby residential homes and a residential district than city codes allow.

There also is a question about its parking capacity, he said, in that Swinging Richards uses a lot across the street on Green Street in its parking count.

But that lot went with a restaurant adjacent to it.

“It’s one or the other,” Martin said. “It’s certainly not both.”

Martin also complains that the club hasn’t sought permits for renovations and expansions to the facility. He called for the city to reject the club’s request for a change to its liquor license. An official with Swinging Richards did not respond to a request for comment from Midtown Patch.

The Northside Drive club sits within the boundaries of NPU-D, so its reps will go through a second NPU meeting later this month. But because Swinging Richards is within 300 feet of NPU-E, they get to be grilled twice by neighbors. How fun. At least they don’t have to face Peggy Denby and her bullies at the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance.

Now, if Swinging Richards would just make those charity hunk auctions (and the entire bar) smoke free. They’ve tried it once before. And all the cool kids are doing it.