You’re certainly not watching “Hawaii Five-0” for the plots. For every gay who watches it for Alex O’Loughlin, there’s a legion of fans hoping each Monday brings Scott Caan baring that hairy chest.

You’re not alone. Fans can’t get enough, from his days as simply the 5’5” pocket-sized musician son of Hollywood legend James Caan, to appearing butt-naked on his own merits in “Varsity Blues” and all surfed up in “Into the Blue.” Of course, more recent forays include big exposure in the “Oceans” movies and on “Entourage.” Now as Danny Williams on the CBS reboot of “Five-0,” the phrase “Book ‘em, Danno” takes on a hairy, hunky freshness.

The Morning Fix scoured the internet and found Scott mini-features on sites that admire blonde hairy chests and all-Scott-all-the-time appreciation sites. There’s even one dedicated entirely to “Dat Ass.”

Some images by Hideo Oida for Western CIV.