“Don’t Say Gay” committee warns against ABC hit, anti-gay pundit in auto collision after gay bar, Buchanan plays victim to MSNBC “new blacklist,” lesbians win Catholic Valentine contest, Virginia advances anti-gay adoption bill, and more LGBT headlines.

Conservative radio pundit accused of gay bar hit and run. Former Houston City Council member Michael Berry (top photo), who cast anti-gay votes and has a long history of anti-gay public comments, was caught on surveillance video at the gay bar minutes before his car rammed another outside the bar.

New Jersey governor vetoes gay marriage bill. Advocates have until 2014 to get 12 more legislative votes to override the veto. Maryland House of Delegates passes Marriage Equality bill, West Virginia introduces a civil unions bill, and Colorado’s civil unions bill advances.

White House holds LGBT health summit in Philly. Obama officials heard from some 300 LGBT people Thursday in the first of several scheduled opportunities to tout the administration’s achievements to potential gay voters.

“Don’t Say Gay” committee gets dig in on “Modern Family.” It wasn’t enough that a Tennessee House subcommittee easily advanced a measure to bar discussions of homosexuality in schools. The chair expounded on a warning to parents that children who watch the show (second photo) might discover too early that gay people exist.

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC ouster: I’m a victim of a “new blacklist.” On suspension for four months after publishing a racist and anti-gay book, the pundit announced he won’t return to the network and rails that groups including HRC “smear and stigmatize” him and “any who contradict what George Orwell once called their ‘smelly little orthodoxies.’”

Virginia Senate committee clears House adoption exemptions. The full Senate already approved a measure that would allow private institutions a “moral” or “religious” end-run around the state law that allows gay adoptive parents. Thursday, the committee OK’d the House version for a full Senate vote.

Lesbian couple wins Valentine contest that initially barred them. Katie MacTurk and Megan Edwards (bottom photo) were told that they couldn’t enter the “How I Met My Hawk Mate” contest on Saint Joseph’s University’s Facebook page. After outcry, they were allowed in. With 2,500 “likes” on their love story, they won.

Presbyterian court to hear lesbian minister’s appeal. Jane Spahr was censured twice by the Presbyterian Church USA for officiating 16 gay weddings. She’s back to appeal the ruling because “I want justice and love to come together here and for the church to be open and hospitable to same-gender couples.”

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Berry photo by KPRC; “Modern Family” photo from ABC; MacTurk-Edwards photo via SheWired